Crazy Quilt Seam Detail 492

Crazy Quilt Seam Detail 492

I dropped the button box block 77Today I would like to share a detail on block 75 of the I Dropped the Button Box Crazy Quilt.

If you click on the thumbnail you will be taken to a page that houses a free pattern of the block and information about the fabrics I used when I made the block.

Detail 492 is actually a seam covered in vintage cotton lace that I have then decorated further with long tail chain stitches, French knots, Fly stitch, detached chain stitches and seed beads. I used cotton perle #5 (the white thread) , #8 (the tan thread) and #12  (the pink thread)

Crazy quilt seam detail
This article is part of a regular series which illustrates the hand embroidered seams, embellishments and decorations on my crazy quilt I dropped the button box. If you want to read more articles in serie investigate the Crazy Quilt details category.
Free Crazy quilt block patterns
Each block on this quilt has a free pattern. Links to these free pattern pages are listed on the CQ details FAQ page.
If you don’t want to miss out on the free crazy quilt block patterns issued as part of this series, just follow the link and
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  1. Hi, Sharon,
    For over a year I have been amazed at your work. Then I saw a lace jacket on the Sundance website.
    The question is this: Do I make the jacket first; line it, then applique the lace and embellishments on it? OR do i make a lace crazy quilt, cut it up and attach it to the jacket in some way?
    I have done hand stitched traditional quilts and more inventive quilts, with blue jeans, combined with favorite fabrics; but I get sidetracked; as I am a graphic designer and illustrator.
    Your thoughts?
    Thank you so much for the inspiration. Your work is stunning.
    Thanks, Sharon!
    (I’ll send you a picture if I can figure out how to do it.)

    1. the way I would do it is instead of making crazy quilt blocks –
      foundation piece the pattern of the jacket – hand embroider the pieces then make up the jacket
      Just make sure everything you do on it is washable


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