Work in Progress Wednesdays

Work in Progress Wednesdays

Crazy quilted Hussif in progressLife is still very busy here and as you can see at the bottom of the block I did not get my pocket completed but I did manage quite a bit of work. I have even started in on the beads. The last seam (down the bottom will probably be a beaded embroidery seam I have just had trouble deciding on which one!

Crazy quilted Hussif in progressI had fun with this. I call it a pocket within a pocket because this piece will be a pocket on the inside of the Hussif. I had thought of a thimble pocket – but then this charm seemed to sit so nicely in there – a thimble still fits but it might just be a secret pocket. The whole thing has got me thinking of secret pockets which is dangerous as I am quite capable of changing the design mid stream, adapting and adding in order to include such frivolity.

What do people think make more pieces with hidden pockets? Or stick to the original plan and make a traditional hussif?

What have you done this week towards your stitching goals?

Leave a comment and let us know.
As a side note for those interested in the mini challenge:

The idea is that people design their own sewing caddy or hussif in any style of quilting or embroidery. The is no deadline.  I presented some informal guidelines here.
One of the challenges this year on CrazyQuilting International is to create a hussif you may want to combine the two challenges. If you are a crazy quilter and working a hussif dont forget my give away tutorial on how to work decorative crazy quilt seams



  1. HI Sharon,
    The secret pocket is intriguing definitely. it is dangerous for me to think about it now. my hands are full already. temptations go away please! your hussif looks enchanting.
    I have made a small progress on hussif, and started a border for a tunic. This WIPW keeps me in line and lets me enjoy others progress, which is also a wonderful motivation.Thank you for that!
    Thank you,

  2. I think secret pockets make it more intriguing (as long as you don’t loose things in them) and the more things you can carry with you in some organized way the better!
    Beth N

    Beth N in AZ

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