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Crazy quilted Hussif in progress I have been getting my next studio class ready and sending our class invitations. If you are enrolled you should have your class invitation in your email. Bookings are now closed for this class.

Anyway in between this admin work  I did find time to finish off  the inside pocket of my Hussif. If you click on the image you will see a larger version of it

Last week I mentioned how this pocket had a small thimble sized “secret” pocket that I found appealing. I thought this week I would share some other close details.

The first detail herringbone stitch which is laced with a metalic thread using the same lacing pattern as Twisted lattice band Down the centre I secured with a seed bead  some little novelty beads that are in the shape of flower.  I added little petals made of  Bullion knots wrapped with a detached chain stitch, These were worked in hand dyed Perle #5 cotton thread. I then added straight stitches in a metallic thread. At the base I added a bead.

Crazy quilted Hussif in progress

The next detail is a floral motif made up of Woven Trellis stitches that have been worked in hand dyed silk thread that is the same thickness as perle #8 cotton thread. The stem is created using Rope stitch 

Crazy quilted Hussif in progress

What have you done this week towards your stitching goals?

Leave a comment and let us know.
As a side note for those interested in the mini challenge:

The idea is that people design their own sewing caddy or hussif in any style of quilting or embroidery. The is no deadline.  I presented some informal guidelines here.
One of the challenges this year on CrazyQuilting International is to create a hussif you may want to combine the two challenges. If you are a crazy quilter and working a hussif dont forget my give away tutorial on how to work decorative crazy quilt seams


  1. Sharon, your hussif is already gorgeous! The colors are fantastic and your stitching is amazing, as always! Where did you find the centers for your pretty woven trellis stitched flowers? They are a perfect addition.

    I shared a picture of the progress on my current cross-stitch project. Next week, I hope to have pictures of the wall quilt I am putting together.

    Thanks for providing WIPW – it helps me stay motivated!

  2. HI Sharon,
    the herringbone seam is so beautiful, you really help in noticng the details of this seam. I love the woven trellis flowers with French knots.
    Though I did not touch the hussif this week, I made some progress on my tunic border, along with working on TAST stitch . This double herringbone stitch [temptress!] inspired me to draw kutch work motifs for my tunic. you did mention it was called Indian herringbone stitch!
    Thank you,

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