Work in Progress Wednesday

Work in Progress Wednesday

Once again I am sharing my stitching progress as promised. I hope folks reading about the process find it  interesting. I always feel hesitant to share a half done crazy quilt block because I leave it until the very end of the process to do the beading and add buttons. I work most of my embroidery first, because if I add beads as I go I have the constant frustration of catching my working thread on beads and buttons! So often a piece looks half done until the end when there is a flourish of beading and it comes together.

Work in Progress photo As you can see a little progress has been made. If you want to compare my last work in progress report for my hussif was here  I have laid some foundation stitches of herringbone, Arrow stitch, Cretan stitch and plan to add more to these. They are the first layer of multi stitch rows. I am still thinking about them. I have also worked a seam with drooping  flower like things. I worked them using a silk thread that is the same thickness as cotton perle #8 using 15 wraps of cast on stitch. They were slow to work but satisfying.

What have you done this week towards your stitching goals?

If you have worked a stitching project leave a comment. If you include the http bit of your web address in the comment it will become a link and folks can visit and see what you have done.

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  1. Your hussif is lovely! I always find it interesting to watch how blocks progress – so seeing your work in progress is fun!

    My WIPW post is a day late, so I almost skipped it this week. I made a tiny bit of progress on my cross-stitch. Most of my stitching time went into my CQI round robin block this week. A seam on that block (shared in a separate post) was inspired by a seam treatment in a photo of your work that you included in your newsletter this week. Thank you!

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