Crazy Quilt Seam Details 529 + 530

Crazy quilt block 80I have 2 details from  block 80 of my I dropped the button Box Crazy Quilt to share with readers today.

The first detail  was tricky to photograph, but it is  feather stitch worked in cotton perle #5 thread. I added straight stitches also in cotton perle #5 yellow thread  and then continued to pep it up a bit with some small gold beads as the block was looking a bit dark.crazy quilt detail 529The next detail is from the top left corner. I secured some red ribbon over the seam with gold beads, detached chain and straight stitches worked in cotton perle # 8 thread and then I added a bit of metallic thread also to brighten the corner and draw the eye away from the metallic fabric in the middle of the block.

crazy quilt detail 530

I dropped button box quiltThis is my I dropped the button box Crazy quilt. The patterns for each block are free

This article is part of a series that highlight the hand embroidered seams and Crazy Quilt details on the quilt blocks that make up my crazy quilt I dropped the button box. For a free pattern of the block visit the web page about block 80.

Each block on this quilt has a free pattern which  are listed on the CQ details FAQ page.

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  1. Black, or indeed any dark fabric, is hard to photograph. Sometimes lighter thread and beads need to be added to give definition to a darkish seam. I think if you had not added the yellow thread the Feather stitches would only have been obvious at a closer look. I believe a crazy quilt, in spite of its abundance of detailed eye candy, should be as beautiful from a distance.

    1. Thanks Queenie – interesting what you say about the overall design of the set of the quilt. I agree I find it an interesting challenge to make something that also reads from a distance.


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