Crazy Quilt Seam Detail 536

Crazy quilt block 82This detail is found on block 82 of my I dropped the button Box Crazy Quilt. Click on the thumbnail of the block to read more about the block itself and collect a free pattern.

this is another seam that I first covered with lace. It is a nylon lace that I used disperse dyes to colour. You can see where the nylon took the dye fully and a secondary thread is lighter in colour because it is is made of a different fibre. It is probably a polyester. I liked the effect and chose a light blue perle #5 cotton to work a series of small fly stitches along the edge. I then added cast on stitch worked in hand dyed silk. To the middle of these I added some small gold beads before adding the butterfly charm.

crazy quilt seam detailThis article is part of a series that highlight the hand embroidered seams and Crazy Quilt details on the quilt blocks that make up my crazy quilt I dropped the button box. For a free pattern of the block visit the web page about block 82

I dropped button box quilt
Each block on this quilt has a free pattern which  are listed on the CQ details FAQ page.

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  1. Your work, as always, a joy to behold. I sure wish I could get my cast on stitch to lie flat like yours. You’ve told me how and maybe one day I’ll get that “AHA” moment. Right now though, I’m still struggling with it.

    BTW LOVE your newsletters. So happy I can go online and get them. I’M RUNNING OUT OF MEMORY ON MY PUTER. LOL

    kristie Watson
    1. Hi Kristie if mine pop up and I dont want them to I secure them down with a very tiny stitch
      As to memory running out on your computer sounds like you need an external hard drive – they are very cheap and you just need to plug them in.

  2. Not having dyed anything since a T-shirt back in high school days, it was interesting to read about how your lace took on two shades due to the fibre content.
    Would that mean that if you (machine) embroidered with white polyester thread on white cotton and then dyed it red, you would get a red background with pink stitches?

    1. Hi Queenie – yes in case of procion dyes the poly thread would take on less dye compared to the cotton resulting in pink stitches on red back ground. For something like the commercial dye Rit which is a mix of different dyes ie the dye powder is composed of different chemicals so that different fibers will get dyed in one batch- it would not necessarily work that way as the commercial dyes aim to cover most fabrics the home dyer would be wanting to dye. Hope that makes sense.


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