Crazy Quilt Seam Detail 537

Crazy quilt block 82

This seam embellishment is found on block 82 of my I dropped the button Box Crazy Quilt. It is probably a favourite of many crazy quilters. It is made up of  feather stitch worked in cotton perle #5 thread.

I added some small blue beads to the end of each arm before adding the little dragonfly charm. It is a very simple seam decoration and easy for peopel who are just starting out on crazy quilting.

crazy quilt seam detail

I dropped button box quilt

This article is part of a series that highlight the hand embroidered seams and Crazy Quilt details on the quilt blocks that make up my crazy quilt I dropped the button box. For a free pattern of the block visit the web page about block 82

Each block on this quilt has a free pattern which  are listed on the CQ details FAQ page.

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  1. The good thing about adding beads after stitching the main embroidery is done is that the beads sit tight. If this had been a Beaded Feather Stitch the small blue beads would have slid up and down the legs of the feathers, wouldn’t they? Beautiful colour mix.

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