Threaded Cable Chain Stitch

Threaded Cable Chain Stitch

Threaded Cable Chain is a fun stitch that quick and easy to work, as it is a laced version of Cable chain. Needless to say you need to know how to work Cable Chain stitch, you will find directions on how to work it here.

How to work Threaded Cable Chain Stitch

In this sample I have worked the Cable Chain in perle #5 cotton and it is laced with a soft metallic thread.

Threaded Cable Chain step 1First work a row of Cable Chain stitch (directions are here)

Threaded Cable Chain step 2Using a blunt-ended tapestry needle, so that the foundation threads do not split, lace a second thread under each of the cable chain stitches.

Threaded Cable Chain step 3Lace the length of the row and take the thread to the back of the fabric.
Threaded Cable Chain step 4Turn your work bring the thread to the front of your work and lace back along the row.

Threaded Cable Chain step 5This stitch follows a curve well and you can add lots of variety by adding interesting threads or beads.

Threaded Cable Chain step 6


  1. Hi Sharon,

    I very much enjoy seeing your TAST emails each week. It is selfish of me but I really hope you continue with TAST as it provides a whole new variety of stitching that I would not otherwise be aware of. Have a great Christmas.

  2. Thank you! I’m a very late starter to TAST, but you’ve certainly enlarged my stitching vocabulary. I don’t have any interesting samplers to show off, sorry – I just work a few stitches and staple them into a folder – but thanks to you I’m now using a wider range of stitches in my embroidery projects.

    Elaine Cochrane
  3. Please do continue TAST next year! Even if I didn’t post my samples for quite a while I enjoy the stitches and stitch along on crazy quilt blocks whenever I find time to. Thanks so much for your engagement!

    Brigitte Otto

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