From the twirly chair!

crazy quilt sewing caddy detail 7In Australia when we greet an old friend we say whatsup? Meaning how is life? What are you doing? Well … if we were face to face you would see I still have a big silly grin on my face. I am working on the book but it is definitely time to get back in the habit of being more active and sharing here. So here I sit in my twirly chair waving to all my readers East, West, North and South. Round and round in my usual enthusiastic way but stopping before I get too dizzy.

Stepping back from the blog and doing something different for a while has done me a world of good. A fresh eye has made me has made me have a rethink about what I want to achieve with this site. The first thing I realise how there is heaps of stuff here that people cant find!

So in the next few months expect a bit of early spring cleaning as I will be reshuffling in order to freshen the place up a bit. I have a few ideas such as

Galleries of eye candy for people to browse as many use this site to gather ideas for their stitching.

The stitch dictionary will move in: Over on my stitch dictionary needs updating. It is now an outdated site which if you try to access on a tablet or mobile device is just horrible. Since I have to rebuild, and redesign  I have decided to move it here as it would be much easier for people if everything associated with hand embroidery and crazy quilting was on one website.  So if you start to see tutorials on how to do various stitches you know what is happening. One area I do want to explore more is the beaded stitches and also cover the silk ribbon stitches. Another style that is on the list is the pulled and drawn stitches. So I have a quite a Todo list.

Crazy quilt patterns:  I have readers who want crazy quilt block patterns for the last 15 blocks of the I dropped the button box quilt – so those will be added in the next few months.  I think these blocks will make a good gallery too! I am thinking people might want to browse by block or even detail.

What about sharing my band sampler?  I will write about it but I think in larger chunks. The advantage to writing on one band at a time meant because it was a small easy to write post, it got done but I think the format has become boring for me to write and in turn a little boring for readers.  So I have decided to write less often but talk about more bands at time. So longer posts less often on this topic.

An Archive clean out so people can find what is useful: The problem with being online since 1996 and writing this blog for over a decade is that a lot of digital cruft accumulates! This site really needs a clean out. Since I started writing in 2004 much of what is in the archives is hopelessly out of date, full of dead links etc so much of that stuff will go but with over 4,000 posts there is a heck of a lot of stuff for me to work through. My main aim is to clear out so that people can find information on hand embroidery and crazy quilting easily. Articles in key attractions like TAST will stay but it will probably become part of the stitch dictionary as now, the aspect of TAST that attracts people is the stitch tutorials in other words it is the stitch instructions people want. I figure a good cross indexed alphabetical listing is all that people need. Correct me if I am wrong!

Journalling and and Art related topics elsewhere: At various times I have blogged about art journalling, book and paper arts, digital design and related topics. These interests I am going to cover over on Tones and Tints once I have knocked this place into shape. Don’t expect too much over there until the book is done but after that I plan to give it a good shake.

I feel excited about this process. I always wince when bloggers write that I sort of image happy face for camera excitement but it is true. Now I have decided that spring clean, reorganisation and new approach is what is needed I am bouncing around like the energiser bunny.

I thought I would ask readers what did you enjoy about the old Pintangle? What would you like to see here? Let me know as it really will influence how I shape the site. I will be doing this site re-organistion while writing the book so I cant promise a blog post everyday. As much as I would like to have a flurry of activity and all the work to be done  with a perfect site ( clears throat) to show for it this process will take time. The upside is that means no silly hasty decisions. Meanwhile, do let me know what you think is good and should be kept and I will respond in the comments.

So a big friendly wave and it is good to be back in the twirly chair again!


  1. Great to see you in this forum for a change. In a much smaller way than you are attempting, I am trying to clear out my Inbox which has thousands of old emails. Why don’t I delete them when I read them? Since we are being Australian today, bl**dy good question!
    I am anxious to see what you come up with – one thing I would like is to see the 100 blocks of the millenium quilt finished. It is quite likely that you have done that already and I was asleep at the time. If so, please point me in the right direction.

    Otherwise, go for it and goodonyermate.

    1. HI Chris great to hear from you – the button box quilt is still ongoing – people seem to like it and they like the blocks drafted out so I will continue doing it.

  2. I like everything that you have listed on your to do list. As a new stitcher, I have spent some time on your site looking for ways to get started, saving my “starting lessons” to my Favorites, saving free patterns, and mainly looking for the basics. I love the idea of an ongoing stitchers sampler “roll”. So I think that’s where I will start. With your new organizational plans going in over the coming months, I am sure I will be hanging out here even more. I just love it when a plan comes together! Cheers!

    Layna Phillips
  3. Hooray – I am finally in, and hooray – you are back! I’ve been sharing your posts via a friends phone with my embroidery class ladies who aren’t on-line this afternoon! They were all blown away! Getting the inaminuteago stitch directory here will be brilliant – I always direct people there as well as Pintangle and it will be good to have both together! Happy spring cleaning!

  4. Hi Sharon,
    Great to see your e-mail come in with your new post(s)
    You’re in for a lot of work but it will be lovely to have TAST and the dictionary together, I keep on forgetting where to look for the latter.
    Mostly I am looking forward to your posts on bead and ribbon embroidery as I have made an attempt to use them. It will be so much more fun thanks to your very clear instructions.
    Thanks for all you are giving us – me!
    Ruby, Netherlands

  5. You can count me as one of the crowd happy to see you back. I am a faithful reader, if not a daily one (I catch up every week or so), and I have missed you.
    85% of what I know about needlework is from you, both here and in your classes, and anything you share here will be appreciated by me. I don’t recall the 100 days project, so I will definitely appreciate a reorganization that makes me aware of all I missed before I found this site, or what I’ve forgotten.

  6. So happy you are back. I too would love the pulled & drawn work. I am still working my way thru button box quilt. You & Mary Corbet are the only ones that have 3 special places on my PC, & only you have a file on my desk top. About the stitch dictonary in alphabetical order -the same stitch has different names around the world — a daunting task. I am comming to Adalaide for 3 months in 2016, let`s do lunch. Barb

    Barbara Mleynek-Phoenix, Arizona (USA)
  7. Glad to see you posting again. I’m waving from my twirly chair, but it might be in the wrong direction.
    I do enjoy seeing close-ups of blocks. I use the stitch dictionary, so I’m glad I’ll be able to find it easier.
    I enjoy the eye candy – blocks or the sampler – thanks for posting.

    Marci Hainkel
  8. Dear Sharon, so good to have you back! I am already curious how the “new order” on your blog will look like. I am just back to blogging after a year-long unplanned hiatus. But then I was never as good as you about blogging.

  9. Hi Sharon,
    Missed you a lot. whatever you do, you’ll do it in the best way possible. linking, TAST and stitch dictionary seems like a great idea. your eye candies are inspirational and useful. I should say I also missed others who comment on this site! please keep blogging, keeps me in track!
    Thank you,

  10. 100 details for 100 days…. Hi Sharon, I hadn’t come across this area before so I’m glad I have now been pointed in the direction. But I can only get to Day 96. If I look at archives and go to the next logical date it only takes me to your old blog posts, not this same 100 days topic. Any suggestions?
    I think your idea of housekeeping is great but what a challenge you have set yourself. I confirm others’ comments and say thnak you for being so generous with your sharing. The gallery idea will be great as I certainly look at your work for inspiration as well as “how-to” in crazy and regular embroidery. Thanks again

    Rachel Atienza
    1. Rachel down the bottom of the page you should have a next page ie you are page 1 of the 100 details series and then when you reach the bottom there are arrows to the next page – where you can go further back . How that explanation makes sense

  11. Merci pour toutes ces vais régulièrement sur le dictionnaire de points pour apprendre les crazy stitches . A bientôt et bonne journee à toutes

    Michelle de french Normandie
  12. Hi Sharon, It is so good to see you back. I am looking forward to seeing your book when it is finished. I am sure it will be stunning.
    This morning I was looking for a list of all the Tast stitches numbered so I could find them for my book, but could not. I think they used to appear somewhere when we received out new stitch for the week.

    Unfortunately I have only just returned to stitching, because of ongoing health problems. My memory is not behaving itself, and I have forgotten the names of some of the stitches, and need to be reminded. Is there a list of stitch names and week numbers with a little thumbnail of the stitch beside it anywhere.
    I have photos somewhere, but at the moment cant find them on my new computer.

    Welcome back to us.


  13. I’m so glad to see you back! I have been missing your column and all of the inspiration I derive it. I am almost done with my hussif finally. I look forward to reading your posts.

    Pauline Frank
  14. Ditto everyone of the above comments. I appreciate all the work it takes to keep websites current.
    Looking forward to future Pulled and Drawn Thread work. I find it hard to put a modern twist on Drawn Thread work. Looking forward to your book being published.
    Keep on with the great work. Lesley

    Lesley Olivieri
    1. Lesley your request for a modern twist has sparked my interest. I am sure you know I use pulled thread work in a contemporary manner – so since that is what I do this is getting prioritised differently for sure!

  15. Hi Sharon, Welcome back. My own chair is spinning to see your email in the inbox. Sunday’s aren’t the same without your chat and coffee.
    I hope the book will be finished soon as so many are waiting for it to be published.
    What a challenge to re-vamp the entire blog but what a joy when finished for you and others. I’m pleased the Stitch Dictionary will be included and so very happy that Pulled/ Drawn Thread lessons will be too. I need a kick start.
    I’ve found the free CQ block patterns to be so handy. For me it simplifies the exercise. I look forward to the new ones in the future. The CQ templates too, get lots of use.

    I hope everything goes smoothly for you.

    1. Hi Maureen great to see you here I am pleased you find the block patterns so handy as another has been published today. Also happy about another positive for my decision to move the stitch dictionary here too!

  16. Sharon, welcome back to the twirly chair, you’ve been missed. It’s great to hear that the book is progressing and I look forward to holding it in my hands ????.
    Like others before me I appreciate the tremendous amount of generous enthusiasm you bring to sharing your amazing skills with us, encouraging us along the way and inspiring us to ‘lift our game’, step out of our comfort zone and develop our own abilities so thank you very much.
    You have set yourself quite a considerable spring-cleaning agenda but the end result sounds exciting and will be well worth the time and effort. I too would be interested in online classes down the track if you decide to reintroduce them but, for the moment, it was lovely to wake up to your cheery face. Blessings.

    1. HI Barbara great to see you here – with the classes I am tackling things one step at a time – I do have other ideas for classes but I will get the book done first.

  17. Sharon, thanks for all you share! Good luck with book deal, and congrats! You are truly inspirational. Ditto all that Beth said so well.
    Big grins and hugs from New Jersey,USA !

    Marianne Squire Maszer
  18. I came to your web site just as you were taking leave to work on your book. It turned out fine for me, I was able to work my way through posts and learn. I’ve just started my first crazy quilt and have to thank you lots for the quilt patterns – it’s not as easy to create a ‘free form’ block as one may think.

    I, too love to organize & wish you the best as you take on your site. I’ll be looking forward to the progress!! I’m also happy you will be showcasing the last few blocks of the Button Quilt. I love looking at those and the detail helps me move on with mine.

    I use your ‘how to’ posts a lot!!

    Good luck with you book, I’m sure it will be amazing.

    Ruth from the USA
  19. Great to see you back in my inbox. Coming late to TAST I enjoyed it very much and refer back to your previous posts often. I enjoyed seeing your Button Box pieces – lots of inspiration there. I have only been crazy quilting for 18 months but have found lots of inspiration on Pintangle and am very much looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of your book. xx

  20. Very excited here to get your last 15 I Dropped the Button Blocks! I’m also glad you’re doing well and all rested up. You’re talent is so amazing and you are so generous to share with us all!

    Sheri Rhodes
  21. Oh, Sharon, I was delighted to see your email in my inbox. I’ve missed you. I started working my way through Personal Library of Stitches, but then my DIL requested that I make something for her new studio. Now I’m revisiting Sumptuous Surfaces and finding it so inspirational. It will be wonderful to have your book when it comes out.


  22. Sharon, your band sampler inspired me to go and buy embroidery supplies and start my own band sampler – after 50 years of not embroidering! I really love the fact that you are there and im thankful that you have made such valuable resources available to us. Sincere thanks for your generosity – and I am so glad you’re back!!!

    Kathy Hoback
    1. Kathy I am so pleased to hear you have started a band sampler – if you are ever in the mood contact me via the contact page and send me a photo as I would love to see it!

  23. Hi Sharon, so glad you are back! All your ideas sound wonderful and I especially like that you will be combining TAST with the Stitch Dictionary. I am looking forward to all the new changes. Also, I can hardly wait until your book is out.

  24. What a thrill to see Pintangle in my emails today. You have been missed.
    Pulled and drawn thread work would be wonderful.
    Keep that chair twirling and thrill us soon. Your instructions are easy to follow and your designs inspirational!

    Susan in the UK
    1. HI Susan I have wanted to get to the pulled and drawn thread stitches for ages. The stalling point is that they need so many step by step photos and if I stuff up one photo in the series it means it has to be done again. So I get stalled but I do want to get over this hump and get them out there for people. Thanks for mentioning it because the other stalling point is that few people actually say – yes I want this or that – basically as I take all those photos I wonder do people really want this or it is me thinking they want it? So its really useful to hear a response as helps me prioritise and have faith in what I offer is what people want.

      1. Hi Sharon,
        Regarding the drawn and pulled thread work, it is something I have been wanting to learn for years and have never had the chance to take a class. I am confident that your explanations would be very worth while.
        Another thought is that what you put out here is a bit like a magazine. You will often read in the letters that people were not happy with the content of the previous one or two issues, but I always think that while I may not be interested right now, there may be a time down the track when I will. This has happened to me so many times. I hope I am making myself clear. (this is also a reason for my HUGE magazine collection gggg)
        Cheers Judy

  25. coucou

    je suis très heureuse que vous reprenier la publication de la courtepoint folle j’attendais cela avec impatience afin de pourvoir terminer la mienne
    merci beaucoup et très bon retour sur la toile

  26. I have so missed you – super glad you’re back! Your work is such an inspiration to me, and I will soon be able to start stitching again. I can hardly wait!

    Your plans for cleaning out and reorganizing sound great, but please, in your desire to make things easier, don’t lose the friendly sometimes goofy off-topic postings. They’re part of what makes up the magic here, ya know?

    Lynne in Florida
  27. Hi Sharon! Good to see ya. ?
    I think your reorganization ideas are excellent. I love sorting stuff out too, so I totally get your excitement.
    I once had a ‘fluff post’ clear out and dumped about a third of the posts at that time. Streamlined the whole thing. I was surprised that readers actually needed it, but I was also asked to provide links to project wip post series alongside their gallery photos. So, I know where you’re coming from.
    Celebrating my decade of blogging just now too!
    🙂 ?

  28. Hi Sharon,

    Great to hear from you. The new revamp will certainlty be a lot of work for you, but the results will be great. I love the stitch dictionary and use it a lot, have also enjoyed TAST so both together should be very handy. Eye Candy is always a winner ggg
    My very special part of your site for me were your classes, I loved them. I am hopeful that after the book is finished you may think about running some new ones. They were always so relevant, so full of information, and always a joy to participate in.

    Cheers Judy
    S E Qld Australia

    1. Judy that is a lovely thing to say. A common theme through out from everyone is that they have learnt stuff from me but it is lovely to hear that the courses meant so much. I will definitely think about what you have said as you are not the first to ask for more classes. I am rethinking how they were delivered but they are something I am reconsidering. I will however get this book done and the site tidied. As teaching online makes a for a very busy time!

      1. I thoroughly enjoyed your classes too and unfortunately had to fall out of the Sumptuous Surface Embroidery class halfway through. But have the notes so am working through them on my own. However, your feedback and comments from the others in the class were always great.

        SO looking forward to your book too; and quite understand the time issue.

  29. Hi Sharon,Just want to say thank you for all the hard work you’ve put in……… I think I learned most of what I know through you ! Having a bit of a shake up is certainly good for the soul ! Whatever way you shape it, I will be back time after time, you taught me so much……………… Great to have you twirling in the chair again Sharon xxxxx

  30. Oh what JOY to find you back on PinTangle again this morning 🙂

    I agree with all the great comments and you answered my question when you replied to Carolyn (so thanks Carolyn).

  31. So happy to see you back in touch with us, have missed you. Just happy you got a break and a breather, do believe you need on after the last year. You packed it full for sure. Happy!!!!Happy!!!!

    joyce Bannon
  32. Morning Sharon, Firstly my ‘Sharon templates’ are getting lots of work too. I am not sure what exactly TAST and the stitch dictionary together will end up like but I think it would be good to keep the TAST number so anyone who wanted to work through from 1 up could – something I have been thinking about doing.

    Waiting – waiting for your book – happy writing.

    1. Hi Wendy the TAST pages could become part of the dictionary – and I can still list them and link to them that is the advantage of something online. It is not either this or that but a case of puting stuff where people will find it!

  33. Welcome back Sharon. I also with what the other writers have said about moving the stitch dictionary. When working on a project I often refer to it.

    On another item, when do you expect your book to be published and are you self publishing or working with a company?

    1. Hi Carolyn great to hear from you. As to the book I was going to self publish but I have been approached by a publishing house and we are negotiating what is what. I think this question can go either way as both have advantages and disadvantages but no matter what happens readers will be kept informed.

  34. It will be fabulous to have all of the resources you’ve shared on one site! I may have missed something somewhere, but I have been unable to find links to individual 100 details in 100 days posts. That may be a bit unreasonable since it’s a lot of posts… A “thumbnail” of the block diagrams on the page with the links to the individual block diagrams would be nice. I love your site, your work, I must have pinned 1,000 of your eye candy photos to pinterest!

    Gina Shillitani
    1. HI Gina your comment really proves to me this website tidy up needs to the done. If you look down the bottom of the screen I have all the categories and the 100 details is listed there –
      here is the link for you
      I figure if a regular and close reader like yourself cant find it how would someone new to site be able to find it?
      So thanks for the question as I now realise the site design needs attention too!

  35. Welcome back Sharon. I agree with all that Beth has written so very well. I use your stitch dictionary frequently, and to link it with TAST will be wonderful, and so convenient. And the eye candy is inspirational. Looking forward to your book when it is published. Thank you for all of your hard work and your generosity with sharing your knowledge.

    Claire Turner
  36. I am so glad the stitch dictionary will be staying around and it makes perfect sense to link it with TAST. I have always been able to learn the rule but not so good at applying it, so learning to execute the stitch and then see various ways to use it is perfect for me.

    I also come to pintangle for inspiring eye candy, browsing until I find something I think I can do and use in the current project.

    BTW, the templates are getting good use.

    Thanks for your generosity in sharing your knowledge


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