Tips on how to photograph a quilt

quilt photographic shootThis behind the scenes shot taken while photographing my quilts lead to Jerry (my husband) writing a brief article on how to photograph quilts. I think this information would be handy for many of my readers. He discusses lighting, the set up he used and his camera settings.

As you can see our family room with wall to wall, floor to ceiling books is his studio!


    1. HI Elizabeth – that wall is only one wall we have another 3 like it in that room and a second room with 2 walls of books floor to ceiling. Books are on overload and we regularly cull!

  1. Very practical and doable suggestions; the cost of one shoot with a professional photographer would cover the frame and the soft lights, too.
    But what was the story with the tissue paper? 😉 Jerry said not to ask which means I have to ask!
    But really, thanks Sharon and Jerry.

  2. Hi Sharon,
    I am so pleased to “see” you back in circulation. Your posts are always interesting and informative and it is good to be reminded of the treasures buried in your blog. Thank you.


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