Crazy Quilt Seam Details 556, 557, and 558

Crazy quilt block 85I readers enjoy the next 3 embellishment details on block 85 of my I dropped the button box quilt.

Detail 556

This detail is some vintage commercial lace which I used across the bottom of the block. I really liked the champagne colour. Even though this block has 2 fabrics that have a metallic thread woven through them the block looked quite dark. So the  light champagne gold  colour lifted the whole block. I further enhanced it with a line of French knots around the edge. They are worked in hand dyed perle #8 cotton. On top of that is of course buttons!

hand embroidery on crazy quilt seam

Detail 557

This seam was first embroidered with herringbone stitch which I then laced with a metallic thread. The thread matches  the colour of a patch on the block. I then added 3 black bagel beads inside the hill of the herringbone. With a blue shade of  perle #8 cotton I then added the 3 little straight  stitches to the tops of the hills.

hand embroidery on crazy quilt seam 557

Detail 558

This hand embroidered seam embellishment has actually sent me scurrying form my notes. It is a type of twisted chain stitch that is worked in a zig zag manner. I was obviously in an experimental mood. It is worked in a yellow shade of cotton perle #5. I added black seed beads to both sides of the row.

hand embroidery on crazy quilt seam 558

I dropped button box quiltI hope you enjoyed seeing these next week I will share some more. This article is part of a series which you can find out more about on the  CQ details FAQ page.

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  1. I really want to see the whole piece in a photograph. How much more do you have to do before the quilt is complete. For my own satisfaction, the whole thing is needed. I like watching to see what you do with each section but how is the whole piece going to be?

    Shirla Ghadaki
    1. Shirla I am not sure what you mean as you can see the lot – read the links in the post. If you click on the block you will see the block and get the pattern – if you click on the quilt you will see the quilt and there are links to all the blocks


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