New templates are on the way!

I have been busting to tell everyone about my new set of templates for crazy quilters. I am in the process of packaging now and hope to offer them  to people sometime next week .

packaging templatesI was getting a bit tired of the others and wanted some new ones so designed another set. I have to admit it is really fun imagining something, designing it, prototyping it and then having it manufactured. I love the sense that this thing that is now in my hands, did not exist until I sat down and worked out what I wanted it to look like.

templates packagedI have only had them in my hands a while and have packaging like mad while also drafting out a book of patterns that you can create with them. Like the first set I will include a free ebook of patterns with each set.

Crazy quilt template set 2I hope to have them released and on the market next week some time. For those that want a a little peek this is these are the shapes of the new set. The edges of course are guides for embroidered seams on crazy quilts and the  squiggles and curves are wonderful for stems in floral sprays. There are lots of floral shapes and of course there is the bird.  Don’t they look fun!

Watch out next week of an announcement about when they are available.



  1. I also love your first set. Just thinking , my. Husband’s 75th birthday next week. Think they would make an ideal present, would’nt you think, ha ha!!! I am sure I can find a use for them, even if he can’t. Think that is a good enough reason to order !!!

    Bev Smallman
  2. Yay!! I use the set I have all the time and love them, so my credit card is getting warmed up so I can order the new ones too. This, after I swore I would NOT buy a single new thing for my stash for a very long time. So much for that particular resolve!!!

  3. I’m going to be out of commission starting Mon 11/9 at 6 am for at least a week away from my computer. Is there anyway I can reserve a set of new templates before you run out? I could pay in advance if you like. I’m having total knee replacement, so expect to be sewing a lot when I get home and settled. Thanks for considering my plot.

    Barbara Rechtfertig
  4. I’m wondering if the templates are actually blue, as the image, or some other colour? I have the original set and keep losing them in my chair, on the floor, table etc because they are clear. That is my only criticism.

    I will be in line to order these as well.

        1. HI Beth I just sent you an email and suggested you buy them separately although you will be able to buy them by adding them to your shopping cart once the second set is available it wont make a difference to postage. Since a set is a thin package and they go letter parcel but if I put 2 together they become a parcel and postage increases! That is the logic of Australia post. So I would simply order the first set and then when I offer the second (hopefully next week) buy the second set then.


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