Stitchers Templates

Stitchers Templates

Stitchers Templates Set 3 are designed with floral designs in mind. You can create hundreds of floral patterns using these petal, leaf, and stem shapes to embroider or use on your crazy quilting projects. There are four templates in the set. They are easy to use, and totally clear to help you position them on your work. What’s more, they are nice and compact to fit in your sewing box.


  1. I came across your book by accident. What a great accident to find. I’m in love with your work. Took me several weeks to get through all of the wonderful pictures, ideas, lessons. I am a quilter, this will be a great way to add to my quilts. I recently did a crazy quilt but with the stitches I have on my machine. Your book is so beautiful, even my husband loves it. I hope one day to be able to do just a few of your ideas. The buttons, lace, thread etc are incredible. Thank you for putting it in just 1 book. I’m truly amazed.

    Rose Garcia
    1. This is a lovely comment to start my year – thankyou for taking the time to write it. I am not sure if your explored my website Pintangle much but there is a over 200 stitch tutorials on it (in the stitch dictionary) and also lots of free patterns.
      I am pleased you enjoyed the book, happy new year to you and your I hope 2018 is safe, healthy and happy

  2. I bought my templates Set 1 some considerable time ago and was wondering how I can obtain a copy of your free ebook of patterns to accompany each set. I encourage students to get a set when I refer them to PINTANGLE I do hope they do as the templates are invaluable! Robyn

    Robyn A Duncan
  3. I have both sets, and love each of them. They have allowed me to create things that I would have never come up with using French Curves or rulers.

    I am an engineer, from back in the days where engineers had to do their drafting by hand, but I also can not draw a straight line using a ruler. As I have become more experienced in life than most my inabilities have made the problem even worse. Sharon’s templates have made my life much easier!

    PJ in Georgia, USA

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