Stitch Dictionary now online

Just a quick heads up to let people know that I have been busy behind the scenes moving updating and revamping the stitch dictionary. If you look along the top tabs on the site you will see a new one which will take you to an alphabetical listing of all the stitch tutorials I have here.

Regular readers might remember that I said I was going to move it here. The old stitch dictionary will be retired soon. It has taken some time and I still have some stitches to add which over the next few months will be published here on pintangle. As a stitch spotter I have collected many stitches and their varieties so I plan to build the dictionary into an online resource.

Take a look at the new stitch dictionary. Stitches are listed alphabetically and if they are known by more than one name I have cross indexed them. Hopefully people will find it useful so spread the word, share, link or tap into what ever groups and social networks you are part of.

Oh and if you spot errors such as links that don’t go to the right place etc let me know as its easy to make mistakes.


  1. The new Stitch Dictionary is mind-boggling! How much work has gone into this resource! I use your stitch instructions frequently and really appreciate all the work you do on behalf of stutchers. Thank you!

    1. Radhika to be honest I have not counted them and that list is cross indexed so a bit difficult to count but I have at least that amount again of the surface stitches to still write up. Note I said surface stitches as if I count the surface stitches,silk ribbon embroidery stitches, canvas stitches, pulled and drawn stitches and beaded stitches I have collected over a life time about 1200 and I would in my lifetime like to document them all as many are from obscure sources. But this takes time but I think it will keep busy

  2. Sharon, this is great news. Thank you 🙂

    I would also like to say ‘Thanks’ for your answer to Pat K’s question as I was going to ask you more or less the same thing.

    So excited about the news of the book (doing a happy dance!)

    1. HI Juno – just to clarify the book is on crazy quilting and I had to get that done before I could focus on this – but this will be my main focus for the next year or so as I have the pdf idea but also a good few more stitches to share

  3. Thank you very much for this excellent site. It is hard work indeed and appreciated by many people whom you will never even know.
    Wishing you every success in your life endeavors.

    Wini Hartzenberg
  4. Fabulous! I am leaving for a long car trip with projects in tow. I won’t have to take any embroidery books with me. Between you and the equally fabulous Mary Corbet of NeedlenThread I am set! Thank you for all the work you have put into this, Sharon, we, your friends and fans, really appreciate you.

    Charlotte Wells
  5. You are quite simply – wonderful. This is so helpful. More than a decade ago I printed out the old one. LOL – will not be doing that this time but I do appreciate having it handy.
    Now if only we could have all the stitches listed someplace for current TAST – with strict orders not to post before assignment date???

    Cate Markey
  6. Hi Sharon — I love your instructions. Have you ever thought about making the Stitch Dictionary into a PDF for sale? Allow people to continue to look at it online for free, but for people like me who like to have copies of the stitch instructions, a PDF would be wonderful. Then I could easily print the instructions for a specific stitch when I want to try it, or improve my technique. And a downloadable PDF would be economic for both you and for the purchaser. Or if not a PDF, perhaps the company who prints books on demand. Just a thought but I hope you will consider offering this wonderful resource in paper.

    Pat Kamperschroer
    1. Hi Pat this is something I am aiming to do -part of what has been preventing me is that so much stuff needs to be re-photographed so that people can ‘zoom in’ on a pdf and really see what is what. This task is well under way but it takes time. I hope to be able to provide it soon. I also have to get the OK from my publisher as they have first right of refusal for anything I do in the way of printables. I have finished the book I was working on and its in their hands so now my attention has turned to this. It will take time to do it properly but I hope to be able to offer something next year. so this is very long winded way of saying yes its int he pipeline


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