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Cast on Stitch sample 8Pintangle’s sale has now concluded, and the online store has now closed. Don’t worry if you’ve missed out I will reopen the Pintangle store  in the first week in December, once we have returned from our travels.

I will still be blogging as wifi permits, and of course, TAST continues. But it would be impractical and unfair on customers to try to maintain the store – even for electronic products – while my online access is unreliable.
So, what is happening? Well I am not one to throw around exclamation marks here, there and everywhere but I have been totally busting over this bit of news. We are going travelling – not one trip, but two very exciting experiences. Make a cuppa and let me tell you about it and what will happen while I am on the road.

First off, we are doing the ultimate Australian road trip – driving across the country. Yes that includes Nullarbor desert if you are not sure of what I am talking about check out what Wikipedia says about the Nullarbor . Now as road trips go I guess you could say it’s just down the road – about 4,000kms (2,300 miles) each way! We’ve been looking forward to this for a while.

The second trip is a bit further – we are heading off to Europe to walk an ancient pilgrimage route from southern France, across the Pyrenees mountains into Spain, then across the width of Spain to Santiago de Compostela. The pilgrimage is called the Camino de Santiago (the Way of St James) and it means we will be walking some 800km (500 miles) with our backpacks, staying in pilgrim hostels and thousand-year-old monasteries along the way. See what Wikipedia says about our venture here We have so much to be thankful for, and Jerry and I decided it would be a lovely way to give thanks for all that we have, in a world where each day the news reminds us of how fortunate we are to have each other, our wonderful daughter, and to have all our wonderful friends near and far.

What will happen to Pintangle and TAST? I will pre-write and schedule TAST posts to publish each Tuesday so I am in the middle of a writing binge.

To celebrate and to give thanks to my readers too, we’re having a sale to share this special period in our lives with you! Share the news and tell your friends 🙂

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  1. I hope that you and Jerry have a wonderful time on both of your trips. Hopefully you will be able to do some sketching and Jerry will manage some awesome photography. Be safe and enjoy!

  2. Hi Sharon,

    Safe journeys.
    I ordered the 5, 6 and 7 stitchers worksheets, I may have deleted your email (or just lost it?) I emptied my trash and spam already. could you, please send it to me again?

    Daphne Gallagher
  3. C’est super pour vous, dans votre voyage de Compostelle j’espère que vous aurez beau temps car en France, en ce moment il pleut, suivant les régions, il fait du vent. Emmenez quand même des pull-over.
    Ça va être dur d’attendre l’année prochain pour nous
    Bon voyage

  4. How wonderful for you and Jerry! If anyone is on the fence about the stitch templates, do buy them, you will not be disappointed. They are sturdy, versatile, and so creative.

    Marianne Squire Maszer
    1. I have just sent you an email Kathleen as the shopping cart buttons are working. If ever you need to contact me there is contact tab at the top of the site – hope this helps

  5. I am trying to order and am having a problem ordering. When I put something in the cart I am sent directly to PayPal and never see a cart again. Any suggestions?

    Kathleen Rindfusz
  6. I have tried on more than one device to buy some of your sale items. One I click “add to cart” I go directly to PayPal where I am asked to sign in. I never see a cart. Any idea how to get pass this so I can order?

    Kathleen Rindfusz
  7. My sister and I are on a 7,000 mile journey around the United States. We have seen such natural beauty that has filled us with gratitude that in the midst of global warning and all the other ills afflicting mankind, we still have such riches. I have not been to your country but I know you will have the same kinds of experience even in the Nullarbor. Rocks can be beautiful too; the Grand Canyon, Bryce, Zion, etc. And the Nullarbor. I do envy you the Camino de Santiago. I like James who showed us his faith by his works. I do envy the experience and the energy you have to do it. God bless, Charlotte

    Charlotte Wells
  8. Hi sharon,
    I have just purchased both sets of templates, I saved set 2 e book to my favorites but not set 1, could you please send it again,
    Have a wonderful time on your trips.
    Cheers R.

    Rosalie Harris
  9. Sharon my husband and a close friend and I completed our pilgrimage last August. We took our time, moving at our pace. It stays in my mind and heart as one of the most significant episodes of my life. During the walk I sustained an injury and to ensure the 3 of us could keep walking we used a transport company to move our packs for the last third of the walk. Whilst my foot healed, my pride learnt a valuable lesson. Overall it was a great experience. And one we are thinking of doing again one day.

    susan hunt
  10. Hi Sharon, My husband and I traveled to Australia in 2009. We went from Sydney, to Uluru, to Alice Springs, to Cairns, to Brisbane, to Sydney, to Parks, back to Sydney and then home to California. It was a trip of a life time. My mom is from Manly. I saw the home she live in and the church where she first married. I would love to come back!! There are several long walks here, one being the Pacific Crest Trail starting in Mexico and traveling through California, Oregon and Washington for a total of 2,600 miles and another walk on the East Coast the The Appalachian Trail originates in Georgia and transverses 14 states on its 2,185 mile journey north to a final stop on Mount Katahdin in Maine. I have always wanted to walk one, fully however my neck and low back are a mess and would never support my adventure. I plan on doing second best and that is to travel the US in a travel trailer and see as much as I can. Maybe I will get a chance to return to Australia some day. My father’s family is from Dunnolly and Nelson New Zealand and I had not found out that information until 6 mos after our visit. Have a blessed trip, both traversing your country and Europe!!

  11. Sounds like two very different and wonderful adventures. My Italian friend walks the Camino often, after having done the route. I visited some of the spots as I followed my own journey of visiting Black Madonna! I’m sure you’ll realize great joy, beauty, and renewal. A well deserved break for all you do for our community. Best wishes for a wonderful trip! Marilyn

    Marilyn Waite
  12. Sharon that is very exciting. A good friend of mine cycled the pilgrims way and LOVED every minute, especially the fascinating hostels. This friend hosts our craft club every month and always loves my stencils so I hace ordered a set for her on your generous discount.
    Have a great time. Bon voyage , Andy LW

    Andy Lloyd Williams
  13. Sharon, will we be able to read your posts while you are gone, I am working on the crazy quilts blocks, although only up to block 22. I love all the info I get from your posts and refer to them all the time, always find something new to think about. the information you pass along is so appreciated and well explained. I pass along your website to anyone who is remotely interested in crazy quilting or otherwise. thanks again for all the info you share and very happy travels. the chance of a lifetime.

    1. Yes Sue Pintangle will still be here and I will still be be publishing posts – nice to know you are working the CQ blocks ( I will work harder to complete the series knowing people use them!)

    2. Yes Sue Pintangle will still be running as I will pre-write TAST and it will publish on each due date. The rest of the stie will still be here just the sales I will close as I cant tend to them while traveling

  14. I am looking forward to saying ‘welcome to Europe’! Where will you be starting your pilgrimage? We are not far from one of the routes although probably further north than you will be starting as we are about 2 hours east of Bordeaux. Enjoy your trip across Australia. xx

      1. St Jean Pied de Port is a lovely little town – I have stayed there many times. Be prepared for a steep climb on your first day but the view from the top is stunning. My husband has been there for the bird migration in September. xx

        1. Just mentioned your comment to my husband Jerry as he likes taking photos of birds. There is a local Camino group here and they have all warned us about the climb, weather, told us what boots to wear, best type of pack, and warned us that the first day is the hardest day of the walk and warned us of bed bugs in some of the albergues!

  15. Sharon, you will cherish every moment while away, and it is time well deserved. My late husband and I loved the trip across the Nullabor, and don’t forget to go down the many spectacular vantage points to see some wonderful scenery of our coastline. Savour every moment. And to travel the Camino will be something else. Perhaps some photos of your travels along the way might come to Pintangle??
    And when you return, will we see your long awaited CQing book?
    Have a fabulous time, and safe travels.

    Claire Turner
    1. Hi Claire thanks for the good wishes – the book is in the hands of the publishers they will do their magic and we will see it next year. Thanks for asking! You reminded me that I must get a an estimate of when from them!


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