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photo of me on training walkJerry and I are going off on a bit of an adventure walking the  Camino de Santiago which is a 500 mile (800 Kilometres)  pilgrimage walk from St Jean Pied-de-Port in France to Santiago in Spain. It will probably take us about 5-6 weeks to walk it. Other travels involve seeing friends in the UK and Europe. We will be away a good few months.

I can’t guarantee that I can get to your emails or messages as quickly as I normally do. I’ve closed the online shop and will be re-opening the store in the first week in December.

Take a Stitch Tuesday  (TAST)  will continue with prewritten posts scheduled to be published each Tuesday. When I can I will be checking out what people do , as love seeing some of the inventive ways the stitches are used.

As I travel  I will share textile related adventures on Pintangle. I am travelling in Holland, France, the UK, and Basque country in Spain who all have amazing embroidery traditions. I will stay on topic (ie textiles) as I think that although people say they want holiday photos they are being polite.

In a minute Ago has been relaunched as a blog about journaling and journal techniques. If you are wanting more of my travels and travel sketches I will share them on the new re-launched In a Minute Ago.  Jerry who is far better travel writer than I am,  will sharing his photos and trip experiences on his blog  The FogWatch. All of the blogs have a ‘follow’ function so you can get email updates delivered to your inbox as they are published.


  1. OH NO.I feel such an idiot. I have been checking to see when you came back from your “walk”, but did not scroll down and lo and behold…..There are months of posts that I did not find. Oh dear! But, Hooray, you are “back”.

    1. Susan I am not back yet but pre wrote those posts and set them to appear at regular intervals – If you subscribe you will not ever miss a post – hope this helps rather than sound pushy

  2. Such an adventure, I hope you have a safe travel! Fun to see you’re visiting Amsterdam, I hope you have planned a visit to the Albert Cuijp market there, it’s very close to the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh museum. Enjoy!

  3. Best wishes Sharon and Jerry for a most exciting trip. I hope you find many interesting people, see and learn many things about needlework, textiles, enjoy the stay in monasteries, have the best weather and are safe wherever you travel.

    I’m looking forward, like everyone else, to see your Tones and Tints sketches. Good to hear Jerry will post some holiday photos.

    1. Dorita I will blog that over on Tones and Tints – I know when ever I encounter another travel sketcher I read about how they pack and what they choose to take in the way of art gear. So follow Tones and Tints as that is where I will write about it.

          1. Hi Sharon — well, Portland is on the Pacific coast, and we’re in Ontario — North of New York State and Maine — closer to the East coast. Let me know if you’ll be travelling out this way, and perhaps I could arrange for you to teach a workshop. I belong to several groups – Artwear Ottawa, Out of the Box, West Carleton Arts Society and West Carleton Fibre Guild.

            Good luck with you trek to Compostela

          2. Frances I am not sure I would be teaching – I have very mixed feelings about combining holiday with work. But I will keep the idea open as I may feel totally differently next year

          3. Hi Sharon — no need to teach then, but you could come to some of our meetings if the timing is right. I agree about mixing work and holiday time — who needs that stress when you’re supposed to be having a good time. If not this trip, perhaps another some time in the future.

  4. Have a wonderful time and I look forward to following you on your journeys. =)

    You mayn’t get wifi in some remote areas, but there’s almost always access of some sort. TBH I doubt Europe is much, if any, behind the US when it comes to technology – I sometimes think we’re even ahead. The higher population densities here lead to reliable access in most places. So, I’m sure we’ll be able to enjoy hearing of your adventures. You’re right to put the sales stuff right out of the picture for the duration though. Who needs that kind of concern whilst on the road?

    Looks like you’re getting some training in too if that’s you in the picture. =) I have an American friend whose hoping to do the same route soon too.

    Enjoy! xx

    1. HI Elizabeth. I re-read what I wrote and removed that sentence as it is phrased wrong. To be honest I was thinking of mobile connectivity and being able to promptly reply to people. I often have customers who expect a reply to an order within half an hour. Often since I am in Australia different time zone means I am asleep. People get upset if they are not promptly responded to. Just last week someone lodge a dispute claim with Paypal for non delivery of goods when I did not respond within 15 minutes. So my focus when I wrote that was the assumption of mobile technology enabling people to be connected 24/7 no matter where they are.

  5. Have a wonderful, wonderful time on your travels. It all sounds fantastic. I don’t envy you packing. I am rubbish at it and end up with far too much stuff and you clearly will having to be very minimal if you are carrying it. Good luck Sharon. Safe and happy walking!

    Lainie Windust
  6. Will be following YOU on your adventures through the year … subscribed to all blogs! 🙂 Have the time of your life ….. you so deserve this …. and pause and enjoy the special blessings of each and every single day. All the best!

  7. Ooh what an adventure. I pray your pilgrimage is all that you hope for and more. All of your other travels will be just wonderful too. Stay safe and have the most wonderful few months as you build lasting memories together to treasure. Thank you for thinking of us and planning all of your posts, I will look forward to thinking of you every week as each new stitchery challenge enters my in-box. God Speed.

    Marilyn Larkin

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