Review – Crazy Quilt Quarterly Autumn edition

cover of cq quarterlyThe Crazy Quilt Quarterly Autumn edition 2016 is out. Although I am travelling it was a nice touch of home to curl up with my ipad and enjoy this edition.

Kathy Kizerian has written a very interesting article on Genealogy and Crazy quilting. This could not have struck a stronger cord since next year I want to start a quilt that tells a little of family and some of our history. One of the reasons we have been driving across Australia is delve a little deeper into the family stories and talk to older relatives. So this beginners article could not have been timed better for me.

Kathy made me laugh when she asked “Does your family have a black sheep? an Artist? a great cook? or woodworker?” Well, I thought to myself, so far still alive the family we have a musician, artist, a circus performer, a writer, and a chef and Jerry finished making a violin this year so I guess thats woodworking…  then further back we have a spy, a bigamist, a gambler, a cross dresser, musicians by the hand full, an actress and other side as if to compensate there is a couple of nuns and a few priests for good measure. To be honest that’s just the start. Let’s say there is more than a few colourful characters in our background but I am sure most families have some colourful personalities to remember. Kathy Kizerian’s suggestions also had me thinking about the format this project might take. This will help me immensely with my planing. Thanks Kathy!

I had thought in terms of possibly formatting our story as a fabric book so reading about Carol Kramer’s book “The Ladies” and their stories was really interesting.

Much of the Crazy Quilt Quarterly Autumn issue focuses on how to represent family history all of which gave me ideas about my own project next year. Mary Anne Richardson talks about how she used family photos in her project “All About Me”. There is a good overview and tutorial on printing your own images. Allison Aller has shared her quilt she made that featured military history. Margreet de Reus shares her project that focused on her mother, grand mother and great grandmother. Gina Wilson’s family memory quilt has a wonderful layout which really sparked some ideas in my head! Connie Eyberg family heritage quilt features many family homes and places of childhood. I really liked how she incorporated keys into the blocks! Pam Kellog shares her experiences of genealogy and her frustrations at uncovering hidden stories.

Features include tutorials, projects and patterns for small embroidery patterns that can be added to patches. Articles about crazy quilting from key teachers and authors provide inspiration and eye candy. In this edition we meet Gerry Krueger. I have always enjoyed her blog and her blocks so it was a great read. Beth Norris shares a tutorial for a crazy wool table mat and a pattern is supplied of mat which Phyllis Latham created. Another tutorial shares how Linda Hopkins added crochet edge hearts to the corners of her quilt.

This edition is cleaner less fussy layout which I found much easier to read. I liked the focus on the content rather than the decoration of the magazine. Crazy Quilt Quarterly Autumn edition is available from Magcloud, as printed version which retails for 14.95 US and a digital version for $6.95.

I am not compensated for this review but I do have a professional relationship as I accept advertising for Crazy Quilt Quarterly which is displayed in my side bar.

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  1. Hi Sharon, long time no see! Nice surprise to see your comment about my memory quilt wall hanging in the Crazy Quilt mag.. Pam K asked me to do that, and she has emailed me a copy of the page with my quilt. I would like tobuy a hard/printed copy of the magazine, is it available in Australia? Or would I have to order it online somewhere?

  2. Where is this? The date is August 3, 2016. Where I live, it is
    August 2, 2016 at 7:10pm.
    I really enjoy reading about and piecing Crazy Quilts. Just a beginner right now.
    You have done great with this site.

    Barbara Moore
  3. Thanks for the wonderful review of the magazine (and my article too!) I think many of us are “of the age” when it becomes important to pass down some stories and information about our families, and what better way than with our favorite medium – fiber! I know you are enjoying your cross-country trip as I stay “connected” through Jerry’s blog. Love you!

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