In a Minute Ago a site about journaling

In a Minute Ago a site about journaling

image for in a minute ago Hi everyone – I have some news I am excited about as I have re-launched In a Minute Ago as a site which explores contemporary journals and journaling techniques and turn it into a resource site that offers techniques and ideas that people can have fun with.  Contemporary Journaling often combines visual elements such as sketching, collage, printmaking, and photography with text.  Journaling is heavily influenced by the book arts and artist books. Some journals explore the format of the book with pages that fold out, or have concertina pages, while others hold memorabilia in constructed pockets.All sorts of interesting things are happening in the journaling community so I have decided to track this topic on In a Minute Ago.

Why? There is nothing like a road trip to get me thinking. Sitting 5-6 days driving in one direction, visiting family and then turning around and driving back for another 5-6 days meant I thought about what was satisfying about keeping a blog and why I was doing it. I knew my old site needed attention and decided to re-launch In a Minute Ago and this morning I have made a video on how to choose a journal.

Visit In a Minute Ago I hope to see you there


  1. Just visited and subscribed to your In a minute ago blog. The video is very useful on choosing a journal. A journal is something I have been thinking about doing for awhile. Time to start!

  2. Hi, Sharon

    I’m visiting your video now and have a question. Could you please let me know how you make your videos – what kind of set up you have. I am interested in sharing my embroidery how-to videos with everyone, need some start-up advice.

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