Just a quick note

Just a quick note folks as I am getting emails asking why Pintangle has gone quiet. It’s nice to know people notice so a little catch up.

First up I went to Kuching in Borneo for the Asia Link sketch-up meeting. It was a wonderful week.

After that  we went on to Cambodia mainly to see the temples at Siem Reap. Angkor Wat has been on my bucket list for years. We were away for a few weeks and I had an amazing time sketching. I thought I would share a couple of photos from my travel journal/sketchbook.

It was really a wonderful holiday. But …

there is always a but …

I have picked up a very nasty flu and have been quite sick. I have been so sick I have not even been stitching! For people who know me that is unheard of. I am on the mend but it’s knocked me around a good bit and at the moment have zero energy.

So until I feel my old self I will taking a bit of time off blogging. I am still around doing email, facebook etc but I will just take a little break from Pintangle updates. So don’t worry all is fine and for those who have written to me thanks for your concerns I appreciate it.


  1. What a awful way to end a fabulous holiday! Hope you are feeling better again soon, and back to your usual self. Meantime, take care and I’m sure thare are many people missing your posts. I know I am.

    Joan Flynn
  2. Oh dear! I sympathise as I’ve had one thing after another this year (but without the exciting travel – how lovely for you!), and my blog is pretty close to dead in the water. Wish I could find omph for stitchery and blogging again, but I’m having to roll with it for now and enjoy reading and knitting instead.

    I hope you’re feeling fighting fit soon and can do all the things you love again without payback fatigue. Hope Jerry’s ok too. 🙂

  3. Get well soon. I cannot visit such places as I picked up Dengue fever in Malaysia and Chikungunya fever in India. I’ve decided to leave the Far East and tropical countries alone as I am a magnet for mosquitoes despite taking lots of precautions. The Dengue caused encephalitis and bleed in the brain too.
    I lived to tell the tale but decided never to push my luck again and to stick to temperate climes!
    I hope you have a speedy recovery as I am so looking forward to 2018 TAST!

  4. Glad your trip was wonderful, but sorry to hear you have been so sick. Sending up prayers for quick healing of the nasty flu. Take care of you, we know you will be back as soon as you are able.

  5. Sharon, I have missed your post but the important thing right now is that you take care of yourself. I pray the rest of your recovery goes quickly and you are back to yourself quickly…the last thing you need is a relapse so be sweet to yourself. Blessings!

  6. Glad as you say you are on the mend. Take your time, be gentle with yourself and drink your fluids, lots of them. We get so easily dehydrated with the flu. I have put you on my prayer list and will keep you there indefinitely.

    Beth Meckler
  7. Get better soon and take the time you need; love to hear you were visiting Siem Reap and see you’ve been very active; it brings me back to my year of work in Cmbodia (1992-1993) when I was in a peace-keeping mission.
    We’ll wait for you, your expertise and dedication and use your stiching dictionnary in the mean time; thinking of you when stitching!

    JANSON Maryel
  8. I agree with Marilyn. It’s the lack of concentration and sapping of energy which is so shocking but like she said you will be back to it when you can. You are a real artist. Beautiful drawings!

    Lainie Windust
  9. Oh Sharon, I hope you are on your good way to recover. Flue is such a nasty illness. (I know what I am talking off). I saw and read Jerry‘s post on Kuching and his talented drawings. And now yours!! You sure had a lovely time sketching. I think we will get more to see.
    Love from me in France.

  10. So nice to know you are still doing Pintangle. I was getting worried that it had all stopped just as I found you. So sorry to hear you have been sick, so many cases all over the world. Here in Aus has been awful. Hope you feel better very soon .

    Val Lee
  11. Sorry you have been so ill. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and back to your old sparkling self. When do you arrive home or are you here already? Will you be at Crazies at Dorothy’s at 1 pm on Monday? I have a payment to make. Dorothy is getting good results from her tests and feeling much better. ❤️

    Margaret Roberts
  12. OMG! Its so good to hear what a wonderful vacay you had. I thought I had been put on your badddd list! I hope you’re back up to par real soon. Thanks for sharing, Sharon. Your drawing is cool, too!

  13. Ooh what a nasty germ this flu is. I had it a couple of months ago and only now am beginning to feel like my old self. Not stitching! yes it’s horrible, its the lack of concentration and energy that takes away all the motivation. It will return. Your sketches look wonderful. Glad you had such an inspriring holiday.

    Marilyn Larkin

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