Take a Stitch Tuesday 2018 Stitch 37

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Stitch 37 in the Take a Stitch Tuesday (TAST) 2018 challenge, is Woven Cross Stitch. I think people will be surprised by this stitch as, although at first sight it looks a bit mundane, it is very addictive. It is also one of those stitches that once you work it, you realise how much potential it has.  As usual, you can find a tutorial for the Woven Cross Stitch in my Stitch Dictionary.

Beyond TAST

We have a new Beyond TAST challenge this week. So without further fuss, I want to announce that the next Beyond TAST challenge is to explore woven stitches. I have been looking forward to seeing what people do with these stitches as this family of stitches is fun! Explore stitches like Woven Detached Chain which is always cute or stitches such as Open Base and Closed Base Needlewoven Picot. You can also take a look at Woven Zig Zag Chain and for a simple single stitch, there is Woven Trellis stitch.


How to take part in the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge

If you are new to hand embroidery the challenge is to learn how to do Woven Cross Stitch and share what you have learnt. If you are an experienced embroiderer, enjoy the Beyond TAST challenge instead. Try and give your work a modern twist and share it online so beginners can see what can be done with a little imagination.

Where to share

Work a sample of stitch 37, photograph it, put in online on your blog, Flickr site, share it in the  TAST facebook group or where ever you hang out online. If you have a blog leave a comment on the Woven Cross Stitch page with your full web address so that people can visit your site and see what you have done.

If you need more information the challenge guidelines are on the TAST FAQ page.

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  1. Hello Sharon. I have been following you for many years now; taking your online classes and learning new stitches weekly. I bought your book a few weeks ago and have not put it down! I love reading about your ideas, suggestions and getting further knowledge about crazy patching. This book is well written and beautifully illistreated. Thank you for your great time and effort to share with us. When I listened to your interview online, I felt more connected with you. I love your sense of humour and outlook on life.

    Suzanne Lalande

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