TAST Break Week 3

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Last week, I announced we would have a catch-up TAST Break week. If you are up to date with your sampling, take a little a break. I don’t know a stitcher who has not got other projects to work on — so this is your chance.

For others who are in catch-up mode, this week gives you a little time and hopefully, in taking the pressure off, you can relax with your stitching and experiment a bit. Catch-up weeks are important. It is easy to fall a bit behind as we all have busy lives. What I hope to prevent is people slipping behind, then getting discouraged. The aim of TAST, and the reason I run it is that I love embroidery and I love to introduce people to embroidery, so I want to see everyone succeed. Too much pressure leads to people feeling they don’t have time for it. So these break weeks gives you a chance to take a breath and remember why you took on the challenge to develop your stitching skills and creativity.

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  1. Hello Sharon, I am looking forward to getting your next book. Do you have a lay buy system for it? I would like to get your templates and the book all together. Can one be set up for me. With the added postal too express? I will await your reply Julie

    Julie Beard

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