TAST Week 4

TAST Week 4

TAST Week 4

The stitch for TAST Week 4 is to learn and experiment with Stem Stitch.

stem stitch sample 2Stem Stitch is a basic quick and easy linear stitch, which I personally think is one of the most useful stitches there are. You can use this stitch to outline just about anything, and it is great for lettering as it will hold a curve well. If you find it looks a bit baggy, or loose make smaller stitches as you move around the curve.

The above sample is actually quite small – as each stitch is just a bit bigger than a seed bead. You can see how the stitches define a tight curve without getting too messy. It’s a stitch that beginners will find useful and yet it is not a huge challenge to learn. As always, follow the link to a step by step tutorial for stem stitch and eye candy and have fun!

Beyond TAST week 4

TAST2012logo The stitch this week for the Beyond TAST challenge is Portuguese Stem stitch. This is a textured linear stitch that is best worked in a thread with the firm twist. It needs a bit of body to sit proud against the foundation fabric.

Portuguese Stem stitch is an interesting stitch that follows a curve well. I think experienced stitchers will enjoy it. I am looking forward to seeing what people do. As usual, you can find a tutorial for stitch  Portuguese Stem Stitch in my Stitch Dictionary.

How to join and where to share

If you are new to hand embroidery the challenge is to learn the stitch and share what you have learnt. If you are an experienced embroiderer, enjoy Beyond TAST and give your work a modern twist and share it online so beginners can see what can be done with a little imagination.

Stitch a sample, photograph it, put it online on your blog, or share it in the Take a Stitch Tuesday Flickr group, or in the TAST facebook group or wherever you hang out online. Hashtags are #TASTembroidery and #PintangleTAST on places like Instagram etc. If you have a blog leave a comment on the stitch’s page with your full web address.

If you need more information the challenge guidelines are on the TAST FAQ page.

Have you seen my Stitchers Templates?

marking a seam using my stitchers Templates

As someone who loves crazy quilting and embroidery, I designed these templates with other stitchers in mind. With my templates, you can create hundreds of different patterns to apply to your stitching and crazy quilting projects. They are easy to use, totally clear so you can position them easily and they are compact to fit neatly in your sewing box. And we laser cut them ourselves in our own studio workshop to ensure the highest quality.

To see what they look like, find out about the free ebook of patterns that comes with them and visit the information pages. You can find out more about both sets by simply going to our Pintangle shop.


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