TAST Break Week 3

TAST Break Week 3

TAST2012logoTAST Break Week

Last week, I announced we would have a catch-up TAST Break week. If you are up to date with your sampling, take a little a break. I don’t know a stitcher who has not got other projects to work on — so this is your chance.

For others who are in catch-up mode, this week gives you a little time and hopefully, in taking the pressure off, you can relax with your stitching and experiment a bit. Catch-up weeks are important. It is easy to fall a bit behind as we all have busy lives. What I hope to prevent is people slipping behind, then getting discouraged. The aim of TAST, and the reason I run it is that I love embroidery and I love to introduce people to embroidery, so I want to see everyone succeed. Too much pressure leads to people feeling they don’t have time for it. So these break weeks gives you a chance to take a breath and remember why you took on the challenge to develop your stitching skills and creativity.

Floral themed Stitchers templates for hand embroiderers

This set of stitchers templates is designed around a floral theme. With this set you can combine petal and leaf shapes with the curved edges of the templates to create all sorts of floral and organic motifs and create hundreds of different patterns to embroider. It is the ultimate mix and match fun for stitchers.

The set comes with an e-book with instructions and filled with patterns and designs that you can create and use as jumping off spots for your own designs.

They are available now in the shop here

Enjoy your stitching!



  1. Hi Sharon, If I don’t have for stitching I make time. I have absolutely no conscience when it comes to doing the ironing or cleaning the windows. I’d rather be making something pretty than doing boring stuff. I’m sure lots of your other fans feel the same. Keep teaching and inspiring us, we love it

    Joan Flynn
  2. Sharon, I am so excited. I live in New Jersey, and ordered my third set of your CQ stitching templates and idea eBook last week; well USPS Informed Delivery states they will be delivered already tomorrow! I’m just tickled pink, as I love your templates; they really enhance my embroidery. I’m looking forward to a new thread twistie bundle in Purple Rain colorway too. Thanks again, Sharon!

    Marianne Squire-Maszer
  3. Ordered, received….in use…. I have all 3 sets and I’m so very happy with all 3 sets. Beautiful curves and a wonderful aid to crazy quilting, free form embroidery and slow stitching projects. Regards Donna Gallagher

    Donna Gallagher
    1. Sharon, I received my third set of templates today, they are fabulous! And arrived from Australia to New Jersey, USA in just over a week, amazing. I love the purple rain twistie, the variety of textures, colors, and even metallics is scrumptious. I too have fond memories of our time at the CQ retreat. I can’t thank you enough for your lovely note and your generous, delightful gift.

      Marianne Squire-Maszer

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