TAST Break Week 2

TAST Break Week 2

TAST2012logoTAST Break Week 2

Last week, I said that TAST would have a break week or catch-up week. This is TAST Break Week 2. Catch-up weeks are important. It is easy to fall a bit behind as we all have busy and full lives. What I hope to prevent is people slipping behind, then getting discouraged. TAST is meant to be fun and definitely not an added stressor in your life. I also believe that too much pressure on deadlines kills creativity.  The main aim of TAST, and the reason I run it, is that I love embroidery. I see it as a highly creative form of self-expression. I love to introduce people to embroidery, and show them how creative hand embroidery can be so I want to see everyone succeed. And after all, it’s meant to be fun, right?

So for this week if you are up to date with your homework, take a little break. Everyone has other projects to work on – so relax and this is your chance to work on those!  For others who are in catch-up mode, this week gives you a little more time.

My book for creative stitchers

Creative Stitches for Contemporary Embroidery book cover

If you enjoy my site you will gain real value from my book:  Creative Stitches for Contemporary Embroidery: Visual Guide to 120 Essential Stitches for Stunning Designs

Feeling stale? Wondering how to add sparkle to your embroidery? I have aimed Creative Stitches for Contemporary Embroidery to be suitable for both beginners and seasoned embroiderers. It introduces techniques to encourage your creative interpretations of stitches. I guide you towards discovering play-points in your embroidery by varying the height and width; by stacking stitches; or by filling multiple rows with the same stitch. With creative variations and demonstrations of tiny tweaks, You will be ready to head off down your own creative path and, of course, illustrated with plenty of eye candy!

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  1. Thanks to my love of embroidery, I approached my Quilters Group and suggested we start an embroidery group to meet once a month to help and learn from each other and keep this beautiful art form alive. To my great joy and amazement 14 of my fellow quilters joined in enthusiastically, including 4 beginners! On our first day, the beginners managed to master 4 stitches and are very excited to continue. Hopefully, from little things big things grow.

    Joan Flynn

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