Bead Soup From Pintangle!

Bead Soup From Pintangle!

Bead Soup

Let’s grab a cuppa — I have some exciting news! Everyone likes soup, don’t they? But this is not the soup you’re thinking of! We’ve been quietly busy here at Pintangle — sorting and counting and trying things out… and now I can announce it with my out-loud voice: Bead Soup! In seven delicious flavours! [um … but please don’t eat them].

I chose these beads especially for embroiderers for their suitability to stitch onto fabric — so they’re not selected for jewellery makers. Many of you will have seen my encrusted embroideries — now you can try it too with these new bead soup packets, each sorted into colour ways to enhance your designs.

bead soup 1

These bead soups are great to add texture and contrast to your embroideries, inspiring your creativity.

bead soup 2

The mixes include natural materials such as shell, mother of pearl, gemstone chips, semi-precious stones, quartz, agate, wood and glass.

I also include resin and acrylic beads where they have interesting shapes or features that suit encrusted and contemporary embroidery. Some packs include silicone jump rings as you can do so much with them.

bead soup 3

Most bead soup mixes on the market are 50g, whereas mine are 100g making them ideal for a small project. The bags are photographed against a ruler so you can see the size of the bags. They’re great value with lots of variety to inspire your creativity.

bead soup 4

So now the secret is out — check them out at my shop on

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  1. Sharon,
    The Bead Soups look fabulous. I can’t wait to receive them, they are just the thing, to stitch with your marvelous Thread Twisties, which I highly recommend to anyone who might enjoy sampling a wide variety of textures and colors, without the expense of separate skeins. Thanks for offering the gorgeous Bead Soups.

    Marianne Squire-Maszer

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