New Bead soup Mixes!

New Bead soup Mixes!

This is just a quick heads up to let people know that we have new bead soup mixes in the shop.

I select beads for use in creative embroidery. By that I mean I look for beads that are flat or have flat back so they sit well when stitched to fabric. They can of course also be used to stitch in an encrusted embroidery style too. The bags that are neutral natural tones I assemble with the encrusted style in mind.

Our mixes are larger bags than you normally get, as most bead soup mixes on the market are 50 gms, whereas ours are double the amount at 100 gms. They are enough for a small project.

Mixes include natural materials such as shell, mother of pearl, gemstone chips, semi-precious stones, quartz, agate, wood, and glass. They also include resin and acrylic beads if they have interesting shapes.

These bead mixes are for stitching to fabric, rather than for making jewelry. With the exception of a few feature beads there are not many large beads in this mix.

They are also a lot of fun!


  1. I live in Canada and checked with my post office for fees to have beads mailed to me. They were unable to provide me with any information. Do you have any information about shipping your bead products to Canada, such as cost for postage, customs and duty charges?

    I love you bead soup mixes and would love to order from you.

    Thank you.

    Suzanne Lalande

    Suzanne Lalande
    1. Suzanne Postage is $13 USD no matter how many you buy. Frankly we subsidise the postage.It means less profit but we need to do it to be competitive from Australia. If you buy over $100 – postage is free. Yesterday we had a lady spend more than $100 and the postage was $33 (it was all beads so a heavy package) but we paid it as promised.


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