Take a Stitch Tuesday 2023 Week 29 and August Design Challenge

Take a Stitch Tuesday 2023 Week 29 and August Design Challenge

The Basic stitch in Take a Stitch Tuesday 2023 Week 29 is Pekinese Stitch which creates an interesting line that can follow a curve well. As a linear stitch Pekinese Stitch is quick to work if you need to edge a larger item such as the page of a fabric book. In the sample here, I used Pekinese Stitch in the middle of some ric-rac braid. As usual, you will find a tutorial for Pekinese Stitch in my stitch dictionary. I hope you enjoy experimenting!

Take a Stitch Tuesday 2023 Week 29 Beyond TAST

I describe Breton stitch as a sort of twisted herringbone. Think of it as herringbone with its knickers in a twist. This sample is worked in rayon ribbon floss. So here, I have changed the height of the stitches to create an undulating pattern. But normally, you would work Breton stitch in a line.   Once you have learned this stitch and have the rhythm it is quick to work and surprisingly easy. It makes a good border or if you work it row upon row, it makes an interesting filling stitch. I have also used Breton stitch to couch ribbon down to a foundation cloth. Changing the spacing and height of the stitch can completely change to look and feel. This makes it a stitch worth exploring.

Breton stitch sample

Design Challenge August

I have another Design challenge for my readers this week that relates to colour. Last week I wrote about finding colour combinations using various colour tools found online. The article, Find fresh colour combinations with a Colour palette generator is here. If you did not catch it at the time, take a look at it as the challenge for this month is to use one of these tools to generate a colour scheme for a small sample or piece.

photo of autumnal leaves

As a little example I thought I would share a photo of freshly fallen leaves. I took this photo on our driveway. Straightaway, I used this photograph as the inspiration source for the colour scheme for a crazy quilt block.

colour picker screen for Take a Stitch Tuesday 2023 Week 29 design challenge

I used Image picker and this was the colour palette it generated for me.

I admit when it came to stitching the block I added the complimentary colour of green. So remember, never let theory alone take over your creative process. Always use theory as a tool and work from there. To make this block pop, I sensed that I needed a little of another component of colour theory, that of using some of the complimentary colour. When creating a design, do whatever it needs to make the design work. That always takes priority over design rules and theory. Use theory, but remember you are the boss. So don’t forget, this applies to all challenges too!

Therefore the design challenge for August is to use one of the colour tools listed in the ‘Find fresh colour combinations’ with a Colour palette generator. Use the colour scheme generated as the basis of a small piece. So the idea is to get you thinking about colour and discovering different combinations that you may not usually explore. Have fun with it. I will be looking forward to what people do with it

The next Design challenge will be published on September 5

If you are new to hand embroidery the challenge is to learn the stitch and share what you have learned. If you are an experienced embroiderer, enjoy Beyond TAST and give your work a modern twist. And of course, share it online so beginners can see what can be done with a little imagination.

If you are looking for past TAST stitch challenges the archives are in the Take a Stitch Tuesday category

Where to Share

If you are doing the design challenge you have a month to work a design and stitch it up.

So the idea is to stitch a sample, photograph it, share it in the Take a Stitch Tuesday facebook group, or use the hashtags #TASTembroidery and #PintangleTAST on Instagram.

If you need more information the challenge guidelines are on the TAST FAQ page.

As usual I look forward to seeing what people do with this. I hope you enjoy Take a Stitch Tuesday 2023 Week 29!

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