How to work Fly Stitch

Fly stitch sample 9Fly stitch is a simple stitch that can be used for many things. For instance in Fly stitch is used in the sample above. In this piece of contemporary embroidery I worked fly stitch in stranded cotton floss, perle #8 cotton, perle #12 cotton over layers of chiffon and net to produce a watery effect.

Fly stitch sample 2This is a more traditional example of fly stitch. In the foliage of this floral motif fly stitch is stacked to create leaves. You start small and work to a larger fly stitch. In this sample I used a dark green wool, 1 strands of light green cotton floss and a green metallic machine embroidery thread. I threaded a needle with all three threads and proceeded to work fly stitches close together in leaf like shapes.

Fly stitch sample 4Here fly stitch is used to represent the leaves of a rose bud. I worked the fly stitch in cotton perle #5  and the bud itself which is is made up of 2 bullion knots is worked in a hand dyed silk that is about the same thickness as cotton perle #8.

Fly stitch sample 5On this sample  I have used the same technique to secure a strip of lace on a crazy quilt project. This time however the bullion buds are worked in wool and the fly stitch is cotton perle #5.

Fly stitch sample Not only can you use it in foliage and floral motifs you can repeat the stitch to create geometric patterns. This is fly stitch worked using wool overlapping herringbone also worked in a wool thread.

Fly stitch sample6

This is a very versatile stitch. In this case the ties of the fly stitch are not straight stitches but detached chain stitches. Of course this means it is no longer fly stitch but a variation but it is an attractive adaption to explore and play with. This sample secures a braid to a piece os crazy quilting and  is worked in hand dyed rayon thread.

How to work Fly Stitch

Fly stitch step by step 1Bring the thread up through the fabric at the top left of where you want to create the stitch. Hold the thread down with the left thumb and insert the needle to the right and level of where the thread emerged. Make a stitch on a downward angle so that the needle emerges between the two points as illustrated.

Fly stitch step by step 2With the thread wrapped under the needle, pull it through the fabric. Secure the ‘V’ in position with a small vertical straight stitch.

Fly stitch sample 8This is is another contemporary interpretation of the stitch. On this sample I used knitting yarn, novelty yarn (thats the hairy stuff), stranded cotton floss, perle #5 cotton, and wool.

Fly stitch sample 7In this sample I used fly stitch for the stems to little floral elements in this floral motif used on a patch in a crazy quilted block.

Fly stitch is also know as ‘Y’ stitch, and open loop stitch.

Crazy quilt template set 2 Have you seen my Stitchers Templates?

As someone who loves crazy quilting and embroidery I designed these templates with other stitchers in mind. With my templates you can create hundreds of different patterns to apply to your stitching and crazy quilting projects. They are easy to use, totally clear so you can position them easily and they are compact in your sewing box.

Templates set 1 you will find here 
Templates set 2 you will find here 
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  3. Toni says:

    I would like to post my work but I don”t have a website.How would I do that?

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  6. Guzzisue says:

    Hi, I’ve taken part before but I haven’t fone any embroidery for a while so I’m starting back at stitch 1… I’m Blogging each stitch and you can find it here

  7. My challenge is stitching on paper.
    I am posting once a month. The first 7 stitches are at this post.
    Sandy, UK

  8. Sherrie says:

    Hi Sharon,
    You have an awesome place. Am enjoying all the info and learning some new stitches. I’m also working on a Crazy Quilt. Have a great day!

    My Stitches posted here…

  9. Here is my blog post with the start of 2015 TAST. Fly stitch
    It includes the Buttonhole and Feather, too, because I had been planning a project from the end of July. So, I added to my ‘Slow Cloth’ for these stitches while I got a feel for timing and what to use the stitches on.
    Sandy in the UK

  10. Linda says:

    Hi Sharon,
    Just joining the fun! Thanks for doing this.
    My sample is

  11. My first 4 weeks of TAST are on my flickr site.

  12. Barb Suess says:

    Finally, I have time to stitch! Better late than never, right? I LOVE seeing all the photos and learning from them. So inspiring…
    Here is fly stitch on a Japanese temari ball

  13. I finally posted my fly stitch! Here it is: . I've got the buttonhole done too, but my husband hasn't given me the photo yet.

  14. Marie says:

    This is my own personal 'Take It Further' challenge using Fly Stitch:

  15. Kim Stapleton says:

    My wek one sample is done and can be found here

    Hope it looks ok

  16. Hi Sharon, I've completed the buttonhole section, you can find it at

  17. Annette G says:

    Finally finished my fly stitch sampler – I found so many variations of fly stitch – rows, columns, random, counted, with beads, twisted, with button hole, with thick thread etc etc. Photo on

  18. Ulla-Britt says:

    Now I have updated my post on Fly Stitch with a new sample, blue on blue.

  19. Hi Sharon….a smidge late getting it posted, but I have loaded two pics of some fly stitch variations! They don't begin to compare to what others have done though! I'm going to have to really bring out the creative cells for this!! 🙂

  20. Diane says:

    Nothing like being a week late, but I am determined to keep up with TAST in 2012. You can read all about what I tried on my blog


  21. natisadel says:

    un tout petit essai
    merci sharon

  22. I've finally finished my week one work and posted it to my blog. When I signed up for TAST, I thought I'd be using my main blog, ArtiphyTheHeart. But as time went on, the more I thought about it, I decided that I would love to have a separate blog for embroidery and fiber arts, and ArtiPhybers was born. I just uploaded my first post to ArtiPhybers, and it's all about TAST week one. I'm sure that you have more than enough work just keeping up with us Sharon, so I won't ask you to change my TAST link from ArtiphyTheHeart to ArtiPhybers unless this is something you want to do and it won't cause trouble. Just to be sure everyone can find my TAST posts, I'll put a featured post at the top of ArtipyTheHeart, directing TAST participants to ArtiPhybers. Sorry if this causes confusion, but I felt so strongly that this new blog had to be born, and sometimes babies don't come on time.

    Here's a link to the static page of my first TAST post:

    Now I'm off to see what's been added since my last look at TAST blogs, and to stitch week 2.

  23. Jane Compeau says:

    I finally got myself organized and got the first week stitched.

    Very plain this week, but I was already 7 days behind. Now I will start on the next one!

  24. Rose says:

    I finally got a blog post done that includes my fly stitch attempts! Also posted on flickr

    Now onto the buttonhole stitch!

  25. Linda says:

    It's Tuesday, and I finally finished my week 1 stitching (just in time for week 2) Here it is.

    Thanks Sharon, this is going to be fun.

  26. I have added photos of Fly stitch to my page, and also on the Flicker site. It is so good to have this incentive to stitching and learning, and gaining inspiration from all the wonderful examples being worked.

  27. Romilly says:

    My very basic fly stitch games… This was a busy week for me, so it's minimal. 🙂

  28. Viv Estill says:

    I've posted my attempts at Fly Stitch on
    Working on the buttonhole stitch now.
    Thanks Sharon

  29. Karrin Hurd says:

    My stitching for last week can be seen here. Didn't get as far as I would have liked but I will do something each week!

  30. Hello Sharon,
    I have completed fly stitch project for cushion cover

    Lakshmi Sadala

  31. Donna Russ says:

    I forgot to comment last week.that was so much fun, and this week I love the Buttonhole so I will let everyone know when I post it……thanks Sharron for doing this…

  32. It was fun to make another fly stitch-sample, see . There are so many possibilities, I was out of space before I had tried everything I wanted to explore.

  33. Barbara Roberts says:

    Here is my link to my fly stitch. I used it for a fireworks display on my January CQJP block.

  34. Julia says:

    I feel a little behind, but I kept up! I love this! Such beautiful creations. A couple of my efforts at working the Fly Stitch. Loving this!

  35. Wendy says:

    It's a long time since I worked by hand, thank you for keeping the first week nice and simple. My effort is here

  36. Bernice says:

    Yeah! I did my Fly stitch sample and used it on my Crazy Quilt block. I am off to a good start having finished before the 2nd Tuesday. You can see my work on my blog at

  37. Lynn S. says:

    So excited to be working on the TAST this year! Posted my first blog up date this morning. Thanks so much for all your hard work! It's been really interesting to see everyone's stitching and projects.

  38. Kumo Temari says:

    I've completed a finished piece, made entirely with the fly stitch – inspired by Monet's water lily paintings. What fun. Thanks!

  39. Noelia says:

    I always wanted to do a "stitch dictionary" like the one my mother did years ago, and you've given me the best opportunity. Thank you!

    My first:

  40. Andi says:

    I have absolutely loved seeing everyone's work this week! There are some SERIOUSLY talented folks here and I keep marveling at the beauty one can make with needle and thread.

    I'm late getting this in, but here is the link to my fly stitch work this week:

    My 8 yr old daughter won't let me photograph hers yet as she isn't finished, but hopefully I'll get hers posted soon too!


  41. This is really fun and boy oh boy do I need the practice!! Here is a link to my first stitch

    Thanks for the chance to participate in this journey.


  42. Virginia says:

    Yay! I managed the first week! Here's my post with some fly stitch photos. 🙂

    This block is getting a bit full so now I'll have to break out the sewing machine to build a few more CQ blocks to embellish as TAST continues. I'm finding that I'm just not motivated to make a sampler like I was hoping to. 🙂

  43. coolcheeks says:

    H, Sharon!! Thanks a ton for TAST.. I regreted that i quit my job but u came as a blessings for my life as i always wanted to learn embroidery..I could never imagine , this stitch could be used so beautifully… wd love to try this as a beginner.

  44. Dianne says:

    It has been very enjoyable exploring week 1's stitch. Thank you Sharon for conducting this challenge. I have shown my sample here:

  45. coral-seas says:

    I did a sampler for fly stitch in the first TAST, that can be found here

    I wanted to try something a little different this time around. That can be found here

  46. I had so much fun doing this! What a grew stitch to start with! Thank you. Here is my fly stitch photo:

  47. Natalia says:

    Hello. My Fly Stitch
    thank you, Sharon, for your ideas and work!

  48. Jane says:

    My contribution for this years TAST. Really enjoyed seeing everone's interpretation of the stitch

  49. Romona says:

    Hi Sharon, My first week is done. It's been great getting back to my needlework. Funny how when you don't do something for so long, it really does come back to you. I also created a new blog for my needlework., so here is the new link, where I'll be posting my pictures.. Thank you for this heap of work you're doing to manage all this, it's definately a labour of love for you..Romona

  50. Theresa E says:

    I am new to TAST. I appreciate the opportunity to particpate. I love everyone's work. I did a short blog entry on the Fly stitch.

  51. Sharon Griffith says:

    Thank you Sharron for the challenge…I am looking forward to it…I did finish my fly stitches on a candle mat that I want to get finished. I used 3 strands of floss and then the pink and purple are ailk ribbon..I actually think they would make cute little flowers….thanks again

  52. Ladka says:

    I made a little exercise with my natural dyed wool yarn, then took my natural dyed cotton yarn and made a flower.
    I posted it at

  53. Karen Young says:

    I have finally finished my Fly Stitch Sampler. You can view it on my blog
    or on Flicker

    thank you

  54. Dropping by to invite visitors to view the work of a collaborative group of stitchers called Tuesday Stitchers. Our link will take you to our Fly Stitch work for the week.

    See you soon!
    ~Debra Spincic

  55. iHanna says:

    What a fun challenge and chance for learning in the new year. Thanks Sharon, for doing this!

    My first try at the fly stitch can be found on my blog:

  56. Liana D says:

    Hi Sharon,
    many thanks again for organizing this – I may not be able to do it every week, but it's nice to participate anyway…
    Here is my 'revision' of fly stitch:
    Sorry for the bad picture.
    Best, Liana

  57. Kathy says:

    Wow it has been an exciting week seeing everyone's posts. The Fly Stitch was new to me so I just created a sampler page.

  58. OK, I've got both my stitch doodle pad and my finished sample of various forms of fly stitch in a little picture done. You can see it here:

    Oh and Sharon, do go for the balloons next time and have someone take a snap to share….!!=)

  59. Sandy Jandik says:

    I had fun with one of my favorite stitches and have posted the examples on my blog. Thank you Sharon for the challenge.

  60. isabelle says:

    It was very interesting to lear this point. My sampler and that of my daughter are at the folloqing url :

  61. Raphaela says:

    I missed the TAST challenge some years ago. So I am really grateful for this new chance. Thank you, Sharon.
    Here are my fly stitches:

  62. Chena Losa says:

    Hola; a continuación dejo el enlace a las fotos de mi trabajo de la primera semana de TAST 2012.
    Gracias a todos y en especial gracias a Sharon B.

  63. Patricia says:
    This is my first sample. I love it the idea of using CDs, thanks to the girls that mentioned and showed that option. My TAST book is envisioned as fabric pages 9"x9" and Cds are perfect. Some complementary samples of the stitch will be on the book as well. Only I need are longer days to do it. So I have a year to achieve it, Yeah!!

  64. Annet says:

    I made a filling pattern with white fly stitches on black linen. I wrote about it here:

  65. Liz Ozselcuk says:

    Fly stitch done and posted here:
    This time I'm not going for a finished product with each stitch, I'm just doodling until I run out of time and start the next stitch. That way I won't have a huge and daunting collection of UFOs when I get done. 🙂

  66. Lucy says:

    how exciting!! I'm always going to be a tail-ender with this, but I have so enjoyed this week's challenge – fly stitch seems perfectly suited for the natural forms I love to stitch most 🙂

    here's my bash at it …

  67. Silky says:

    Thanks for this first challenge, Sharon, it was fun :))

  68. Kay Warner says:

    Hello everyone! It's good to be taking part in TAST again! Thank you Sharon for organsing it. My fly stitch is on my blog here:

  69. Tahlia says:

    Fly stitch is one of my favorites! For this challenge I worked on a 4 x 6 inch crazy quilt postcard and played around with several variations in stitch length and angle and spacing.

  70. Here are my results for TAST 2012 week 1:

    I'm quite new to doing hand embroidery regularly so I'm keeping my samples simple and I'll build up a dictionary of stitches on this one piece of fabric. It's been really good to be part of something, and that has forced me to practice where I might normally procrastinate and never get around to hand stitching.

  71. Constanze says:

    This is such a fun project, and I decided to set aside just one hour each week to play with stitches. Here's my fly stitch sample:

  72. Agne says:

    My Fly Stitch is here:
    Thank you for this great possibility to play with stitches!

  73. Mandie says:

    Thanks for doing this challenge, Sharon. My week one efforts are here:

    Loved everyone's examples. 🙂

  74. Maureen bond says:

    I have completed my first TAST 3 Fly stitches and have posted these to my WordPress blog.

    For those interested I have posted on my Flickr site, my Fly stitch on 2 blocks for CQJP .

  75. Yuma Tatter says:

    I'm combining the TAST and CQJP challenges. Take a look at my blog to see how I incorporated the Fly stitch into the first part of January's crazy quilt block.

  76. Cy says:

    I have a Fly Stitch "playpiece" experiment page now too. I shall make all my TAST stitches into a reference journal book. What a great resource to have.

    Thank you for your visit.
    Happy Stitching.

  77. I have yet to post pictures of my Fly stitch explorations but have decided that each stitch is going to be given the full week to get aquainted with me :0) so no pics until each Monday night but have posted some thoughts at my typepad blog about the why and how of this challenge to me.

  78. Looks like you will need to take on staff to handle all these comments. What have you created for yoursel? I'm not complaining as I love doing this. I have posted to my blog, and to the Flikr group. Roll on next Tuesday.

  79. Marie-Claude says:

    HI Sharon,happy new year for you and all,I finish my first post on fly stitch,it is on my blogs
    Thank you for Sharing

  80. Anna Kousi says:

    I think I gave something wrong … sorry! So my project at fly stitch is at:

  81. Tenar says:

    Here are my first humble attempts at fly stitch. I'm just adding the TAST stitches to ohngoing projects like this band sampler to make it easier to follow TAST.

  82. Liz Adams says:

    I found the first week, flystitch, was a stitch I was already involved in in two current embroidery works, which are going to be part of my June fiber arts solo exhibit in my local gallery! so, to see them, go either to Art the Beautiful metaphor,, or to field and fen, at

    Thanks so much for an interesting addition to my art life!

    Liz (boud online)

  83. Thank you Sharon for doing another TAST Challenge! Looks like we're already having lots of fun! Here is my Fly Stitch sampler for week one:

  84. Hi Sharon
    wish you a very happy new year
    My fly stitch samples are up here at
    thank you for motivating many of us to do this!!!!!

  85. Severine Allais says:

    I put a picture of what I have done for week 1 of the TAST 2012 on flickr
    and on stitchin fingers.
    Thank you Sharon for this challenge and Happy New Year

  86. Julia says:

    I'm really enjoying everyone's work! What a wonderfully creative bunch of stitchers you have assembled here, Sharon! A wonderful way to start the New Year!

  87. Jenny Ross says:

    I have posted my fly stitch samples on my blog. There is a sample of variations on even weave fabric and a small free embroidery sample at

  88. Sara Hansson says:

    well at last I have started too ……….nothing majorly innovative but a start.


  89. Ann says:

    I wrote a post about the first week's stitch (the fly stitch) and how I'm incorporating the stitch into a journal. There is a short journal entry about the week, a list of things for which I'm grateful, and samples of the stitches.

    Here's the link:

  90. Christine says:

    It was great to experiment with this stitch! Thank you!! here my "work"

  91. Faith says:

    Here's my first TAST blog post.

    I had fun and I believe I'm going to learn a lot form doing this for a whole year. Thank you so much, Sharon, for hosting this!

  92. Valerie L says:

    I finished my fly stitch sampler. I decided to make a picture. You can find it here at:

    Thanks so much, Sharon, for doing this again.

  93. Lori Kinney says: I am going to attempt a landscape type cq block. Thanks Sharon for doing this TAST! appreciate it!

  94. Petra Weiler says:

    Dear Sharon,

    thank you for this first task. I´m just back from skiing but was so exited that I had to work on the Flying stitch tonight before going to bed. Here are the results:
    One version with purely Flying stitch and one combination with other stitches.

    Warm regards

  95. First stitch added to my primitive sampler and to my CQJP block. Looking forward to next week.


  96. Gail says:

    Here's my seam treatment with fly stitch flowers.

  97. deanna7trees says:

    did the fly stitch and embellished it a bit. it's at the bottom of this post:

  98. Anna Kousi says:

    Hallo to everybody. Sharon thank you for the challange and the opportunity. My work at :

  99. Nancy Gardner says:

    Well I am loving TAST and soon will be up to speed on posting. Here are my three efforts with the fly stitch.
    Thank you for this opportunity to learn and appreciate the work of others.

  100. chitra gangadharan says:

    I enjoyed working on this stitch. Thank you Sharon.
    my fly stitch sampler is detailed here-

  101. Elena says:

    Greetings from Lithuania:)
    Thank you for so nice idea!
    I am beginner and there is my first work of Fly stitch –

  102. Sharon,
    I have not worked much but one pattern and posted pictures from my old projects in my blog

  103. konnykards says:

    I made a header for the sampler I decided to make this time – as I have lots of bits and pieces in folders for the previous TAST challenges, and then I enjoyed exploring Week 1 Fly Stitch using Perle 5 thread which I think has come up a bit chunky on the narrow sampler.
    The 2007 piece has been added too. Connie.
    January 6, 2012 | konnykards

  104. Bri says:

    I have completed week one, the fly stitch 🙂 you can see here on my main blog, or you can see here, where I made a TAST page. Hope you like, and happy stitching all. Bri.

  105. Blu says:

    Finally found a few minutes to get started. I'm going to try for one sampler with all 52 stitches.

  106. Lorraine says:

    Hi all,
    Really enjoyed playing with the fly stitch as I hadn't worked with it previously. Thank you Sharon. You can see my sample at

  107. TeriK says:

    I had such fun with the fly stitch. I never imagined how versatile just one stitch could be! You can find my project here:

    It grew into something more complex than I had imagined and now I'm not sure how I will incorporate it into some kind of sampler or journal. Probably as a patch of some kind because I did not plan it out and ran into some problems with finishing the edges and such.

  108. I am a temari maker with very little experience in general embroidery. I jumped at this opportunity to try out a whole years worth of embroidery technique challenges. Thanks for running this Sharon.
    Happy New Year wishes to all from Perth AU
    Here is my go at this brand new (to me) stitch

  109. Bonsoir à toutes et merci à Sharon d'avoir organisé ce challenge. Le jour je travaille alors je brode le soir. Voilà enfin mon TAST W1 terminé après 2 soirées de "travail". Vous pouvez y jeter un oeil ici :

    Hi everybody and thanks a lot to Sharon who organized this challenge. Cause I'm working all day, I can stitch only on evening. It's why I needed 2 days to succeed this first part of the challenge. Here can you see it :

  110. Maggi says:

    I love fly stitch. I have re-visited a piece that I started in your Sumptuous Surfaces class a long time ago Sharon and added more to it. My real piece will be later as I have just been making some embellished backgrounds to use. Thanks for starting us off on an exciting 2012

  111. Hello,
    I am from India and excited to join hereI tried out the fly stitch and posted in my blog

  112. marjolein says:

    Thank you Sharon for all the energy you have put in this.
    I have done a branch in fly stitch, some twigs in a fly stitch variation and a dragonfly in fly stitch with silk ribbon.
    You can see it on my blog:

  113. maneki says:

    I've posted pics of my first "embroidered doodles" now:

    A very fun stitch I enjoyed working with, not least for newbies like me.

  114. Nancy Gardner says:

    Good morning. I think I posted my TAST 1 in the wrong place. But I don't see a place to post. I do not have a blog to link to, should I post somewhere else what I have done. Should I be posting under the TAST flicker? I know I will get better when I have completed a week or so of trying things out.

  115. Kirsty Macdonald says:

    I have finished my sample of fly stitches and they are now featured on my blog:

    I've really enjoyed looking at everyone's fantastic work!

    What a great start to a great challenge! Thanks Sharon!


    Hi, dont know if I did it right the first time so trying again ! Here's waving to you Sharon…….
    chris richards

  117. Thanks Sharron, this is my fly stitch creation………Hope you like it
    chris richards

  118. Sue Utterback says:

    This is my 2nd attempt at the Fly Stitch (a new stitch for me). Absolutely love it! Thank you, Sharon, for suggesting it. It's a stitch I plan on using frequently. I've made several leaves and just completed my first ever snowflake using a silver DMC floss. Here's the link to my photo: Looking forward to next week.

    Sue U in KY

  119. Bri says:

    Thank you Sharon for such a fun thing! I didn't know what a TAST was until I was reading someone elses blog, and now I want to do this too! I have not done the first fly stitch yet, but I will be doing it probably Thursday or Friday and posting on my blog which is
    and I will have a page just for this TAST also so all the posts can be seen at once.

    How fun!!!

  120. Cathy Labath says:

    I'm making a lap quilt out of my sampler "happy blocks"!

    Cathy L in IA

  121. Gayle Schipper says:

    Week 1 is completed! Thanks Sharon for all you do.
    Gayle S.

  122. joyadvtr says:

    Just a beginner,here is my first attempt at the fly stitch. I can do this !

  123. Luiz Vaz says:

    Hi Sharon and everyone! My first post for the tast 2012. Thank you all.

  124. Linda McInnis says:

    I have completed my first ever TAST. I am combining the 2012 CQ Journal challange and did my first TAST on my January block.

  125. I have done my first TAST 2012 stitch. I am going to do a counted thread Gingerbread House. The idea will be to make a box that opens to store Christmans cards in. You can see my fly stitch at:

  126. Susan says:

    I goofed with the URL of my first post. Here is the link for my fly stitch: I'm having fun, and already learning!

  127. guzzisue says:

    Hi sharon, first stitch on my blog 🙂 look forward to next week!

  128. Christina says:

    I'm completely new on this, but I love the challenge. So here is my first attempt.

  129. Kumo Temari says:

    This is going to be great fun. I am stitching on Japanese temari so it will be interesting to see how the different stitches work out. Thanks so much for running this challenge — I'm a total beginner so it will be a great tool!

  130. Brigitte says:

    Happy New Year you all and thanks to you Sharon for offering all this!
    Here's my little crazy quilt block with fly stitch:

  131. Lis says:

    I've had a lovely day learning fly stitch today while the wild wind blows outside. I've blogged the results here:

  132. hello, i just post my first try (??? try, is it the right word???) with the fly stich, i hope i can post something more…. finish before next tuesday… here is the link….

  133. Savitha says:

    Hi Sharon
    I'm savitha. Thank you very much for starting this challenge.
    I have stitched a motif in fly stitch and posted in my blog. I was so enthusiastic to stitch this challenge.

  134. Annet says:

    I still have to prepare the fabric for my samplers, but I started with a small sampler for my stitch files.I wrote about it on my blog:
    In the same post I showed a few older samples and a link to my TAST 2007 fly stitch sampler.

  135. Ina says:

    Hi Sharon,
    Fly stitch is among my favourite stitches.I'd used it often.I'd made a fish with this stitch, the link is one is a coral – I'd also used this stitch to embroider peacock feathers though I haven't shown it on my blog yet.I haven't started posting this year but I promise I'll backlink this TAST challenge soon.You're doing a great job.Let's pray that this beautiful art (embroidery) won't become extinct.

  136. zed says:

    Thanks for doing this, I've been wanting to learn stitches for a while 🙂

  137. Nathalie L says:

    My Fly Stitch, thank you for you work … thank you for all.

  138. Sophie says:

    Bonjour Sharon et merci encore, voici mon article avec mes points de mouches, merci aussi à Miriam pour son free amitié

  139. hello everyone! here is my first TAST stitch!
    i'm a beginner, so I'm only learn to deal with embroidering! wellcome and look what I have.
    thank you, Sharon, for your ideas!


  140. Mary Johnson says:

    Looking forward to developing my embroidery skills this year. I'm a quilter so I decided to use Dresden Plate blocks and the occasional fabric postcard so we'll see how it goes.

  141. Susan says:

    I'm very happy to be new to TAST this year, and to be learning some embroidery. My first, feeble attempt is here Tomorrow I will likely redo the pink embroidery, as I think it's too large for the block.

  142. Hello everyone, Come to my blog have posted a picture of my first stitch on TAST. How exciting, still do not know exactly what I am going to do, but I think a book of pages featuring all 52 weeks.

  143. Measi says:

    I've started mine – I'm working mine as a reference sampler since I'm in the beginner to intermediate level with specialty stitches.

    Here's my first tinkering with fan stitch. I'll likely play a bit more before next week's stitch is announced, but I'm happy with my start:

  144. Sue Utterback says:

    I just posted a photo of several fly stitched leaves I did as background to a large silk ribbon flower I made (see: I'm still a newbie to CQ and had never done this stitch. It's beautiful and very easy to do. I am definitely looking forward to taking this stitch further creatively. Thank you Sharon for hosting these weekly stitch challenges!

    Sue U in KY

  145. Penny says:

    Hi Sharon, what a lovely way to start the New Year. fly Stitch was just the stitch to add to my Father Christmas slow stitch I am doing so here it is being used for the bag full of toys, and lovely texture.
    Cheers Penny in South Australia
    here on my blog

  146. libbyquilter says:

    today i found the time to 'take a stitch'. hopefully i will continue to be able to be a part of this wonderful fun.
    i decided to bead the 'tail' part of my stitch.


  147. Arlene says:

    Spent the morning playing with the fly stitch. I was able to put it to use in a current project. I like the way it added texture to a section of the block I'm embellishing.


  148. Linda says:

    Hello everyone – lovely to see so many up and running so quickly in the New Year. Fly stitch is an old favourite for me. I did do a small counted sample for my TAST2012 folder, and in the past I worked a design in fly stitch for the front of a needlecase. You can see it on my page on SF here:

    I am looking forward to an exciting year in stitch. Cheers to all,

  149. Hi Sharon

    Wishing you a Happy New Year, and today the new TAST starts, thanks for this first challenge. Love it.

  150. Sharon B says:

    Cheryl – yes there will be 52 stitches given out in the year- 1 per week

  151. Anneliese says:
    Sorry, I gave the pool address and this does not work. This is the right one where to see my fly stitches.

  152. Sorcha says:

    For Theresa/OctoberLace – your link doesnt work, it gives a "page not found". would love to look at your work

  153. Rosemary says:

    I have completed this week's stitch. It's a stitch I'm familiar with so it didn't take long as I decided to make a band sampler of all the different stitches as they come along. I used perle cotton but the colours don't stand out very well in the photo. it looked clearer as I was stitching, The photo is at

  154. Myfanwy says:

    I've made a start. I'll be documenting my progress and that is linked from this post

    I've also linked to this page.

  155. Angela says:

    I love the fly stitch and have used it often in my crazy quilts. Today I used it on my bead journal project. For the project this year I will be stitching on photos I took at a car wreckers. You can check out the stitches here
    As I mention the blog post this is far from a complete journal page. The beads still need to be stitched but I think it is a good start.
    warm regards

  156. Cyndi L says:

    I've decided to use a small quilt that I've been working on as the background for the TAST stitches. They may not all work out, but that's ok too 🙂

    Fly stitch turned out to be perfect for the style of the quilt:
    I'm already looking forward to next week!

    xoxo Cyndi L

  157. Catherine Robertson says:

    Hi, I`m Cathy. My blog is Cate`s Linens at

    The next link goes to my Challenge Page on the blog,

    Thank you,
    Cathy Robertson

  158. Sharon. I am following the lead of the ladies making a book of twelve monthly pages. I want to leave room for all the stitcnes we will be given this month, but I wasn't sure if there would be four or five since there are five Tuesdays (and I was thinking in terms of weeks per month, not weeks per year.) Will there be 52 stitches total given out? I know this sounds kind of obvious, but I'm just checking.

  159. Paula says:

    Vamos lá! Estou desejosa de começar…


  160. Ati says:

    Thank you Sharon for you effort to do the tast again!
    Hope we have the same fun as in 2007.
    Happy new year to you!
    Here is my fly stitch from today.

  161. Maneki says:

    Love all those different variations on fly stitch — very inspirational! Can't wait to start on my first TAST embroidery. Thanks for making this creative challenge happen!

    /Kristina from Sweden

  162. Hi Sharon,
    Many thanks for the first challenge! I've completed my beaded fly stitch variation and uploaded pictures and a description on: I've decided to work a south american mandala design. I will now take a two-week break as I will be taking another intensive at the Royal School of Needlework!
    Best wishes, Jessica

  163. Lis says:

    Hello fellow TASTers. Excited to be getting started, thanks Sharon for all you are doing for us. Love the first stitch but have yet to decide whether I want to create a reference piece or a creative piece……..will report on my blog when I get started. Waving to you from wild and windy England.

  164. Lori Kinney says:

    thank you Sharon for this opportunity to learn from the leaders! waving from Connecticut!
    since I have a few blocks made already to work on, is there a special theme I should be using or should it be a sampler? thank you for answering.

  165. Jorin says:

    Hello everyone,
    I've done a fly stitch exploration a few months ago, too. Here it is:
    Thanks for the challenge, Sharon!

  166. Chena Losa says:

    Desde Valladolid en España gracias por este desafío. Soy novata en esto del bordado y espero aprender mucho a lo largo de este año

  167. KarenK says:

    Thanks Sharon for getting me to pick up a needle again! I have not stitched since my mom passed in Sept. I enjoyed it and plan to stitch ever day!

  168. Pam Kellogg says:

    Hi Sharon! You seem to be so excited about this! I have a twirly chair too!!!

    I'm not a joiner here but I'll be following along and maybe I'll still learn something new. There's always room for that!

    Happy New Year!


  169. FlowerLady says:

    I meant to have my fabric cut out yesterday, but other things happened, so I will do it today. I am really excited about this and want to thank you Sharon for all of your hard work, for your love of needleworking and willingness and joy in teaching us these stitches.

    Have a wonderful 2012.


  170. yvette says:

    jippie from the netherlands!
    starting to flystitch today….
    thanks for all Sharon!

  171. Somehow a period at the end of the link I had posted was picked up as part of the url link, so it didn't work. This corrects my previous comment:

    I'm a novice at specialty stitches, so my plan is to do a sample on some odd pieces of linen each week, then later in the year take what I've learned and do something more creative. This is the first time I've worked with the Fly Stitch, and my sample can be found on my blog at specifically on my Take A Stitch Tuesday (TAST) page found at:

    Thank you for offering this challenge!

  172. I'm a novice at specialty stitches, so my plan is to do a sample on some odd pieces of linen each week, then later in the year take what I've learned and do something more creative. This is the first time I've worked with the Fly Stitch, and my sample can be found on my blog at, specifically on my Take A Stitch Tuesday (TAST) page found at:

    Thank you for offering this challenge!

  173. Claudia says:

    I live near Vienna, Austria, but now I'm waving back from Mauritius. Thanks so much for running this challenge! I wish you a Happy New Year 2012! Sitting at the sea under a palm tree I will start with the Fly Stitch! 🙂 Warm regards Claudia

  174. chitra gangadharan says:

    thanks sharon for the challenge
    .this was one of the stitches which I completed during the previous round, still I can explore some more.

  175. JoWynn says:

    Gosh, Sharon, earlier today I had decided to use fly stitch on my current WIP–but in a very pedestrian way. Back when done.

  176. Nancy Gardner says:

    Thanks so much for all the examples of how to do the fly stitch – tomorrow is Tuesday for us in California. I have my fabric cut and thread ready. I have so many ideas and as a beginner my brain is on overload. I will learn much from all of you.

  177. Waving back from Kentucky! I am glad to see the first stitch! Thanks for all you have done to make this possible.

  178. Joy says:

    Waving back to you from Queensland, Australia, Long time since I did hand embroidery but think I will give it a go this year. Have some beautiful seed beads that I can add along the way. Look forward to this new challenge.

  179. Hi everyone,

    This is a stitch I have done before (in TAST 2008) so here is my first example: . I liked this one, even made a scheme of it .

  180. emmy says:

    hi sharon here from the netherlands I say hi there
    here we go
    warm regards Emmy

  181. Anneliese says:

    Hi Sharon, waving back from Germany and thanking you for this immense job that you are doing for your fans. Happy New Year and good luck to you and your family.

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