FAQ Pages

Pintangle has grown over the years and has a number of FAQ pages that relate to different projects and community challenges. They are listed here for readers convenience.


Take a Stitch Tuesday or TAST is a stitchers challenge which I run from this site. You will find full details about the challenge and how to participate on the TAST FAQ page here.

I dropped the button box crazy quilt by sharon boggonThe CQ details FAQ

Many years ago I made a crazy quilt that I called I dropped the button box which has 100 blocks in it.I have been writing a series of articles that gives away each block pattern free and focuses on how I hand embroidered the seams and used embellishments in a contemporary crazy quilting style. You will find information about this series and links to all the free patterns on the CQ details FAQ

stitch roll needlework band sampler on exhibitionSampler FAQ
My large band sampler which I call For the Love of Stitching is a quirky project I have fun with. As I write this my sampler is nearly 100 feet long.That is not a typo – as it is made of different strips of fabric that are stitched together to form one long strip. You can read about how it came to be made and why and its details on the Sampler FAQ page

Here you can see my band sampler exhibited in 2014 at the Embroiderers Guild ACT exhibition. You can get a sense of how long it is as you can see I trouble fitting it in the frame!

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