Stitchers Templates

My stitchers templates are designed with other embroiderers and crazy quilters in mind. They will take your stitching to the next level.  With them you can create hundreds of different hand embroidery patterns.

They are made of clear plastic so you can position them easily and are compact in your sewing box. To use them position the template in place, use a quilter’s pencil to trace along the edge of the template to create a pattern. You can stitch along this line to decorate the seam.

Each set has a free ebook of patterns to use or spark ideas.

For more information, visit the Pintangle shop .

TAST Week 27

TAST Week 27 TAST Week 27 is Barb stitch, which is an easy variation of the buttonhole family. It is quickly worked, making experimentation fun. You will not find it difficult to work if you know how to stitch buttonhole stitch. Check out the Barb stitch tutorial, as it also …

TAST Week 26

TAST Week 26 The Stitch for TAST week 26, is to experiment with Sheaf Stitch. You often see Sheaf Stitch used as a light, filling stitch, with single stitches spaced evenly over an area. But it is often underestimated, as it is far more interesting than just an area filler. …

TAST Week 24

Welcome to TAST Week 24. Did you all enjoy your catch-up or break week? I hope you either took advantage of the time to catch up or do some other stitching. TAST week 24 is Crossed buttonhole stitch. This stitch is one of those stitches that at first glance looks …

Beaded Shell Chain Stitch Tutorial

Beaded Shell Chain Stitch is a fun and interesting stitch if you bead it you can have even more fun! If you need a reminder on how to work Shell Chain you will find my tutorial here. To work this stitch use a size 26 tapestry needle. Since the eye …