Crazy quilt Bras at Chloes place

Crazy quilt Bras at Chloes place

Due to having computer problems I am late with this but I wanted to point out for anyone who missed it that Linda has posted images of the crazy quilt bras that were made for a cancer fund-raiser. Check them out over on Chloes place

Life is still hectic here but I am back. Thanks for all the messages I appreciate them. Mum is still in hospital but is OK. If anyone is due an email I will try and get to them over the weekend. I have stuff backed up in all directions – at home and at work and I am trying to clear the back log so bear with me. Work wise I have a site to design and of course there is teaching. Even the washing is piled high and the house looks like some sort of disaster zone as I have been finishing off two Wizards costumes and making waistcoats for two clowns. Also a new version of the software I use to create this blog has been released which means I should update. So although that task is at the bottom of my list if something goes funny you know I am switching over. Realistically I think it is going to take two weeks to catch up on one week break in the routine!


  1. Have been a fan/reader for about 2 months and just wanted you to know how much your work is appreciated. You have a gift for the beautiful in the unusual and am enriched each time I follow your “paths”. Thanks so much. I’m keeping you and yours in my prayers–this is a difficult time for you–it is never easy to be the caregiver to one’s parents as I well know but it does gives us an opportunity to give back to them the love they showered on us. Both my parents are gone now and I never regret the chance I had to have them with me the last 10 years of their lives. Both lived to be 98! Good luck to you, Mary O’C

    Mary O'C

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