Update on health

Update on health

I want to thank everyone for their get well soon wishes left as comments and in email. As much as I hate to be talking about my health I have just come from my doctor and want to let people know that I have surgery next Wednesday and hope to be back to my normal bouncy self within a few days. I will off course be in the forums for my students with the exception of the days when I am in hospital. I will also post another stitch for the TAST challenge next Tuesday. Other than that posting here will be infrequent.

As soon as I can comfortably sit at a computer or sit to stitch I will be bouncing around here as happy as can be. At the moment both activities involve a certain amount of discomfort as a result I am standing at my desk to write this! The upside is that I am consuming novels like an ice cream on a hot summers day in great long slurps of indulgent pleasure.

Thanks again for the get well soon messages. Don’t worry too much as I am not.


  1. I lost a week and missed feather stitch, so
    I just loaded a sample for fly stitch, its not working for me, but I thought I would post it, and explain why I think this.

    Carol M
  2. Hopefully they are doing that little band-aid surgery to get rid of that gall bladder. Lots quicker recovering time, though the bouncing will still be off-limits for a few weeks. =)

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  3. I know how truly miserable cholecystitis can make you feel. The surgery is a minor miracle in making you feel better, and you’ve got the right attitude to make your recovery both swift and complete. I’m looking forward to your return to daily blogging, as well as meeting you in person next year. In the meantime, enjoy your reading, as best as you’re able.

    BIIIIG hugs,

  4. Glad to hear from you, I was scared your health was worse. (oh gosh, I’d wish I could express myself better…).
    I’m sure you’ll be relieved after the surgery. This one is a kind of little miracle for those who need it. They are getting better quickly. In the meantime, keep on resting and endulging yourself with books !
    A very big hug

  5. dear Sharon,
    You’re in my thoughts–wish I could send you a few novels and also wish I could speed the hands on your clock or the days on your calendar, in the style of old-fashioned movies, to make that recovery come faster. lots of love to you, ElizabethD

  6. That’s our Sharon, looking on the bright side! Tell us what novels you are reading…
    I am in the middle of “Pattern Recognition”, which I found a reference to on Jerry’s blog, and I LOVE it. It is so strange….

  7. Sorry to hear about the gall bladder problem… Had mine out several years ago…and it really was a quick recovery time. Hoping your’s goes smoothly as well. Hurry back to us!!!!


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