TAST week 1 highlights

There has been some fantastic work done this week so much so I have had real trouble keeping this list to a manageable length. The week  went like this. I started out thinking I would feature 5 pieces of work but within days I had 60 bookmarks in my folder. I decided that was way too much so I got mean and whittled it down to 35. Then it grew again to 50 and spent an age trying to whittle it down but there was so much interesting work produced.

I want to say that what I have here is the tip of the iceberg. I know people rave on and say that what people have done is amazing etc and it’s difficult to choose etc  but this is really the case! It took me an age to try and decide and that was more because I was trying to decide, flick back and forth between this and that piece. To be honest in the end I could not decide.

Ok this is double the number I was going to highlight and these are more a selection of submissions that highlight some of the many ways people have experimented with the stitch.

Also by chance we have some very different formats so if you are stuck in a rut on format this might give you some ideas.

Do your self a favour, make a cuppa and sit down and browse the sites in the comments in the TAST week 1 Fly stitch post. It is really worth while and very inspirational. Also when you visit a site leave a comment and let them know. If people have gone to the trouble to share they will enjoy a comment from you.

First up over on Lets Learn Embroidery there is a tutorial on how to work this peacock using fly stitch.

Some very unusual formats are being used for TAST such as over on Temari Addict Australia. Take a look at this stitching on a Temari ball.

Or this beautiful interpretation by La Bastidane used on a doll

Harvest moon is keeping a simple studio journal.

Ellas craft creations combined the stitch with beads to produce a Mandala.

Valerie of Can the Leopard Change her Spots is working in a freeform manner on felt and check out her post to see her studio journal too!

Another freeform approach is from Luiz Vaz on stitchin fingers (I loved the fish!)

I liked the methodical approach of Linda of Stitched Lines.

And in total contrast the freeform approach of Yarn Goddess of Sooner or Later

Finally I liked very much how Veena of Arts Crafts and More, applied this stitch.

I hope you have enjoyed the first highlights feature.  I know I enjoyed collating together the material. In future I will try and keep it limited to around 5, I promise.

Further information on the FAQ page

If you need further information on the challenge a list of stitches covered so far or directions on how to participate please visit the TAST FAQ page.

You can read back through TAST articles by browsing Challenges –  Take a Stitch Tuesday category

Tomorrow there is a new stitch!


  1. I have been trying to keep track but with 500 + participants, that is impossible however, I have enjoyed all the ones I have seen so far. It fact I was looking at so many, it was making me less confident that my own efforts would be inferior. So I stop myself looking at all the entries being posted on FB for more than 5 mins a time, plus it was taking up way too much time.
    Love all the work you have highlighted and the fact they are all so different. Will keep on checking in and try not to be too intimated by everyone's work but inspired 🙂

  2. Hi Sharon,
    Wow I was so surprised to see my temari included in your showcase of week 1's fly stitch. Thank you for adding my humble stitching effort. There are a group of temari makers (located variously world wide) who are all taking your challenge this year.

    I must say looking at everyone's gorgeous work was really inspiring throughout the whole week.

    Cheers to everyone can't wait to see your work this week!

  3. Thank you so much for including my stitch picture in this round up. I am truly honored. There is so much beautiful and creative work being done. I am learning a lot just by looking at it all. Thanks everyone for showing your work.

  4. Thanks for collecting these Sharon, and doing this awesome challenge!

    I'm thrilled to have stitched my first fly stitch last week. As a paper&collage artist, I like Harvest moons idea of a studio journal a lot, but there are soo many ways this could be done. Fun to see!

  5. Thank you for expanding your feature and including me in the first ten. I am feeling giddy and truly honored. I had only seen half of these stitchers so far and I've been surfing the links and sites all week. So many TAST stitchers, so little spare time! It's a challenge to try to see all the challenge entries. I don't know how you do it!


  6. What an interesting and exciting array of fly stitching! I feel honoured to be included – thank you Sharon!
    Please do not feel you must "limit" yourself to only 5 each week- I know there will be some (maybe many?) weeks when I don't have enough time to see everyone's efforts- so if you "summarize" some highlights- that would be a wonderful addition to this whole challenge. Thanks so much for all the time you put into this challenge Sharon. You are so generous with your time and knowledge.

  7. Dear,

    Most of the entries were out of the world–impressive creative work.
    I was unable to do much as we have a baby in the family, our first grandson.
    I hope to join in the coming weeks.
    thanks for everything and heres' to TAST 2012!
    l. Dharmasamvardhini

    L. Dharmasamvardhini
  8. I see what you mean! All I've seen has been impressive, from those who created wonderful pictures, to those who found umpteen variations. Mine was a cross between the two, but I can see I'm going to have to get it completed earlier in the week if I'm to be in with a chance of being honoured by appearing in this type of feature!

    I've only done one week, but it's been very satisfying thus far.=) Onwards and upwards.

    Thanks so much for running this.

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