A little distracted at the moment …

A little distracted at the moment …

This is my daughter, Eve Facebook status update which I have reposted here with her permission…

So we have rigged a 20m long tightwire over my mother’s garden. It is only 1.2m off the ground but is not without it’s perils.. The first danger involves walking over the seething mass of Aussie bull ants, which, given the opportunity, would eat the very flesh from my bones. The second section is built over a bed of spiky plants, razor sharp thorns and tangly branches, all specifically designed (I am sure) to rip my ankles to shreds upon contact. Then finally, if I have made it past section one and two, we have a double whammy danger zone of overhanging branches wielding projectile fruit, coupled with the fact that if I should fall, I would land in a bed of my mother’s favourite poppies – and one never wants to invoke the poppy-wrath of ones mother!
Time to shoe-up and have some fun

For those readers who don’t know the family yet – my daughter is a proffessional circus performer


  1. Thank you for your lovely blog etc. I have enjoyed looking at your work and hints. I have enjoyed doing a small number of C Qs and I hope to do more.

    But I didn’t know you would bring back some scary childhood memory’s of fireworks nights and you had to watch out for bull ants and other bitey things in the bushy area near the fire. It made realise I don’t think my GKs would have seen a big number of bull ants or any in fact.

    Thank you

    Elsie Skene
  2. Thanks so much for sharing this little piece of family life with us. I smiled whilst I was reading and laughed out loud about ‘no one ever wants to invoke the poppy-wrath of ones mother!’ Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas time.


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