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Inspire your creativity and add texture to your embroidery with Bead Soup!

Bead Soup

Beads for creative bead embroidery.

I’ve selected these beads for use in creative embroidery and for working in an encrusted embroidery style. The types and sizes of beads are better suited for stitching to fabric, rather than for making jewelry. With the exception of a few feature beads that you can stitch to fabric as a point of emphasis, there are not many large beads in this mix.

The beads are photographed against 3 coins from different countries ….. so you can get a sense of scale

Mixes include natural materials such as shell, mother of pearl, gemstone chips, semi-precious stones, quartz, agate, wood, and glass.

I also include resin and acrylic beads if they have interesting shapes or features that suit encrusted and contemporary embroidery. Some packs include silicone jump rings as you can do so much with them.

Most bead soup mixes on the market are 50 gms, whereas ours are 100 gms making them ideal for a small project. The bags are photographed against a ruler so you can see the size of the bags. They’re great value with lots of variety to inspire your creativity.

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