How to work Whipped Double Chain Stitch

Whipped Double Chain stitch is a variety of Chain stitch. You need to know how to hand embroider basic chain stitch as this variety is worked on a foundation of two rows of chain stitch. If you need a refresher you will find a tutorial for chain stitch here.

Whipped Double Chain stitch is useful if you want a very dramatic strong line that is still capable of following a curve easily.

How to work Whipped Double Chain Stitch

Double Whipped chain stitch 1Work two rows of chain stitch a little looser than normal as the row will tighten slightly  as you whip it. If the foundation rows are too tight the work will pucker. Make sure the chain stitches are sitting side by side and are the same size

Double Whipped chain stitch 2Bring your whipping thread out at the start, in the middle of both rows. Pass your needle under the two loops of the chain stitch that sit side by side, in the middle of the row as illustrated. Pull your needle through. Take care not to pick up any of the fabric and use a blunt-ended tapestry needle to avoid splitting the foundation stitches.

Double Whipped chain stitch 3Continue whipping the centre stitches along the line. As you can see it produces an attractive result!

If you have enjoyed Whipped Double Chain stitch you may also like to see the tutorial on Whipped chain stitch . There are two varieties in this tutorial and both create a raised line that can be used to emphasise a shape but is not as strong as whipped double chain stitch. So if you are looking for texture that is slightly softer check out that tutorial too.

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5 Responses to How to work Whipped Double Chain Stitch

  1. Love this stitch and had to give it a try! I added a bead to the whipped part.

  2. regina drumond says:

    I like this stitch too..Thank you for your clear instructions…I will try it , of course

  3. Carol says:

    Thank you Sharon. I am definitely putting this stitch on the block that I am working on right now.

  4. Beautiful stitches, so glad I signed up fpr Pintangle. Thank you.

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