How to work Interlaced Cable Chain Stitch

Interlaced Cable Chain step 10Interlaced Cable Chain is an interesting variety of Chain stitch that quickly creates a pretty textured border. Better still it is not hard to work. You need to know how to work cable chain stitch but other than that Interlaced Cable chain is a simple lacing pattern.

I have worked this stitch in two different colours so you can see clearly the foundation rows of cable chain and the lacing. For the demonstration I have used cotton perle #5. Use a tapestry needle for the lacing so that you avoid splitting the thread on the foundation rows.

How to work Interlaced Cable Chain Stitch

Start with working two parallel lines of cable chain stitch.

Interlaced Cable Chain step 1Work your lacing from right to left. At this stage you are lacing the cable stitches not going through the fabric so use a tapestry needle to avoid splitting the foundation row of stitches.

Interlaced Cable Chain step 2Bring your needle up through the fabric at the mid point of the two foundation rows on the right hand side.

Slide your needle under the chain stitch on the top row. Have the needle pick up just half of the chain so that the needle emerges in the middle of the chain stitch as illustrated. Take your needle through the loop of the stitch.

Interlaced Cable Chain step 3Slide you needle under your lacing thread, on the right hand side of the foundation chain and as illustrated, angle your needle towards the bottom foundation row of stitches. Pull your needle through.

Interlaced Cable Chain step 4On the bottom line skip a chain stitch and slide your needle under the inside loop. Point your needle downward picking up the loop of the chain. Pull your thread through.

Interlaced Cable Chain step 5As illustrated, slide you needle under your lacing thread, on the right hand side of the foundation chain. Angle your needle towards the top foundation row of stitches, skip a chain stitch before passing your needle under the inside loop of next chain stitch, on the top line. Pull your needle through.

Interlaced Cable Chain step 6Lace every second chain stitch in this manner until the line is complete.Take the lacing thread to the back of the fabric.

Interlaced Cable Chain step 7Bring your lacing thread out of the fabric just below where it entered your fabric and make a return journey lacing every second chain stitch so that you lace the stitches that you did not lace on the first journey.

Interlaced Cable Chain step 8Take your thread to the back and tie off and you have created an interesting line or border for your projects.

Interlaced Cable Chain step 9This stitch is great fun to work in variegated threads, but you can also play with the spacing or work the lacing between two wavy lines. Or you can work the foundation cable chain stitches along the edge of thin ribbon and then lace the stitches. You can also add beads.It is a very quick easy and yet dramatic stitch. Hope you have fun with it!

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12 Responses to How to work Interlaced Cable Chain Stitch

  1. Samia Dowla says:

    Loving the look… I tried interlacing Run stitches and Back stitches. Never thought of this one… Amazing work…

    Thank you!

  2. I am catching up on stitches I have missed – and taken the liberty to re-number them to fit my own TAST collection.

  3. Catherine says:

    My first TAST stitch! And the first time I have tried anything different to normal chain stitch! I need to work on getting both the chain stitch and the interlacing even, but I really enjoyed working this stitch. My full journey on my blog if you are interested:

  4. Sue singer says:

    Probably one of the best stitches you have done.

  5. Andy Lloyd Williams says:

    Thank you Sharon – happy New Year – and thank you for such clear instructions for the interlaced cable stitch.

  6. Gwenda Braniff says:

    Very pretty and quick. Thank you

  7. Hi Sharon,
    This interlaced cable chain stitch looks like a braid. very beautiful and interesting,
    Thank you,

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