Zig Zag Coral stitch

Zig Zag Coral stitch

Zig Zag Coral Stitch is a variety of  Coral stitch. All versions of Coral stitch are based on twisted chain stitch. I recommend that you refresh your memory of twisted chain stitch before you try the coral stitch versions.

How to work Zig Zag Coral Stitch

Work this stitch between two parallel lines from top to bottom. If you need to mark the lines, use a dissolvable quilter’s pen. Make sure the lines are removable as they will not be covered by the stitching.  With stitches like this, I use the threads in the weave of the cloth as my guide. The step-by-step samples are worked in perle #5 thread.

zig zag coral stitch step 1Bring your needle out on the left-hand side of the line and make a small twisted chain stitch by inserting the needle and having the point of the needle emerge a short space below the line, as illustrated. Wrap the thread over the needle and under the point.  Pull the needle through the fabric.

zig zag coral stitch step 2Move diagonally across your work to the right, and make a twisted chain stitch, as illustrated.

zig zag coral stitch step 3Take your thread diagonally to the left-hand side of the line and make a twisted chain stitch.

zig zag coral stitch step 4Continue in this manner zig-zagging down the line which is of course how the stitch got its name!

Zig Zag Coral stitch is fun and once you get in the rhythm it is quick to do. It is also interesting to use thicker threads to create a border on your work. Or you can work Zig Zag Coral stitch row upon row to build up patterned fills. You can use this Zig Zag Coral stitch to couch down braids, ribbon or novelty thread which gives the embroidery a contemporary twist. It is also a surface embroidery stitch that you can easily add beads to.

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As someone who loves crazy quilting and embroidery, I designed these templates with other stitchers in mind. With my templates, you can create hundreds of different patterns to apply to your stitching and crazy quilting projects. They are easy to use, totally clear so you can position them easily. They are compact in your sewing box. And we laser cut them ourselves in our own studio workshop to ensure the highest quality.

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  1. Two lovely stitches Sharon. Many thanks. I do refer to your Stitch Dictionary frequently. . We hope all is well in Canberra and that you are steering clear of Covid. Thank goodness we didn’t know back on 23rd March that we would be under “house arrest” for 3 months !
    Best wishes
    Andy LW

    Andy Lloyd Williams
    1. Hi Andy great to hear from you. All is well here we are staying more or less at home. Hope you and yours are safe and healthy too. Take care we live in ‘interesting’ times!


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