Wet Canvas

I am not sure where to start describing this site. This is a very popular and well known site which anyone who is interested in keeping a visual journal would find useful. You do have to join Wet Canvas to participate but it is worthwhile going through the registration process. Wet Canvas describes itself as a community for visual artists. I am not sure if sites like this do become communities but there is a wealth of information to be discovered here. Published online are medium specific articles and lessons, such as watercolours, acrylics, pencils, pen and ink, oil, and pastels. Other areas concern themselves with theory such as colour. Or if you want to pick up a few tips on Sketching and drawing for instance there is ‘subject-specific channels’ too. There is also a reference image library.

I have poked around this site often but what I had not noticed before is that it has a new wearable art subject area which I think many people will enjoy.

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