Bags of fun Progress report

Bags of fun Progress report

Both Ruth and Barb left a comment to say they are joining the bags of fun challenge . So you have to imagine me turning in my chair looking East, and then remembering I am at the bottom of the globe, turning North east and waving in the general direction of Canada where Barb is. Ruth I don’t know where you live so I gave you a general 360 degree wave. It’s handy having one of those swivel chairs makes the spinning about waving action real easy! Flat tacks by the way means really very busy – not just busy but hectically so.

As you can see I have progressed on my own bag. The larger image of course is housed over on the Bags of fun flickr group .

I have been doing a lot of embroidery on it. Time consuming, but I hope worth it in long run. I am working with the idea of the textures seen on the bush floor – all sorts of textures. One thing however is my camera is picking up the oranges a little too strongly there are more browns and greens to be seen in life.


  1. I sort of accidently ended up here while looking for uses for buttons..I have many many pounds of buttons, most vintage, that I am trying to sell. While here I just fell in LOVE with your Y2K quilt. Wow!! I am not familiar at wit quilting hence I have never seen anything like this before. It’s incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!


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