Bags of fun challenge update

Bags of fun challenge update

Thankyou for the comments on the close up of my stitching on my bag for the bags of fun challenge . I am trying to break away from my regular treatments and build up texture in stitches a bit like the button and bead clusters I do in crazy but without a Victorian feel. Basically I am experimenting with layering and packing stitches tightly together to create something that is highly tactile.

Leeanne who joined us last week, now has a new blog crafts and stuff . At the moment it has personal content but she is going to use it to keep us all informed as to her progress on her bag.

Melanie Testa who maintains A bit of creativity every single day has joined us. So a big Welcome. We now have 37 people in the challenge. I think when everyone completes their bag and each bag is showcased in an online gallery it will make a very interesting browsing as everyone is treating their bags very differently which is exactly what I had hoped for.

Of course progress photos and conversation is going over at the Bags of fun flickr group which by the way anyone can see – even if you are not in the challenge as it’s a public group.

I have yet to get to producing a button! I will do it. To be honest I am in the middle of doing a gallery site for an exhibition that opens in a week. Since that has to take priority as it is work I am really quite busy. I will get it done I promise as soon as the whirl wind that is my life pauses for a moment.

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