Cloth Paper Scissors

Cloth Paper Scissors

I have an interest in the combination of fibre arts and visual art journals and how creating them are becoming more popular. One of the indications of popularity is when print publications come on the market to serve this niche.

Cloth Paper Scissors is a print magazine filling such a niche market. Published quarterly, the magazine covers contemporary textile arts and collage work. The site houses information about subscription etc and it’s a pity there is not a little more content to the site if I had not seen a copy of the magazine I would not have known how contemporary the material they present is and that they cover collage and mixed media techniques. They do say in their about page but a couple of images of page spreads would not go astray. For me there is nothing like seeing images online to make me hit the subscribe button. Even a listing of the contents of their previous issues would be helpful. I am not a subscriber but I will be keeping my eye out on the news stands since it is published by the same team as Quilting Arts


  1. Fall 2005 Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, looking for a place to purchase “Silk Sliver” or “Silk Top”. Love the article “Silk Anew” but have no idea where to purchase these fibers.


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