Bags of fun challenge buttons

Bags of fun challenge buttons

Apart from gadding about the globe day dreaming of avoiding the washing and housework I have just made some buttons for the challenge which people are free to use as they choose. You will need to copy them ie right click and save the image or if you are on a Mac drag and drop to the desktop. Load them on your site with a link to the challenge page. This is the page on which I have stated the guidelines and listed all the people who are participating so people can browse their sites. The URL for the link is http://inaminuteago.com/bagsoffun/bagsoffunindex.html

You don’t need to include a button your site it is just that some people asked for a button so here they are in a number of sizes so you can choose which ever one you like.

70 pixels wide

80 pixels wide

100 pixels wide

and a huge one 120 pixels wide

So take your pick!

Don’t forget to take a look at the Bags of fun flickr group as many of the people involved in the challenge are chatting as their bags take shape. Now I am off to get that darned washing and housework under control then the weekly shop – don’t you just love Saturday morning jobs? Perhaps if I am good I will have time to stitch!


  1. Beche-la-mer – I just checked Two Cents and what is happening is that the image is being displayed because you have linked to the image here rather than download a copy and load it to your server space on blogger.

    It will work but it has problems firstly because when someone visits your site their server has to dash over to this site to get the image to display it in their browser then their server downloads your page. So your download time is slowed and they have to wait. The other thing is my bandwidth goes up – and if goes up too much I have to pay more for the month-

    It’s interesting that is works because my ISP says that they ban such remote linking to images. Obviously its not working! I would prefer the other way if its a problem email me and I will try to help

  2. Hi Sharon and Linda,
    I read these comments after I had put the badge on my blog. I did it in a slightly different way — but it appears to have worked, at least to me. If you get a chance to duck over to Two Cents, can you let me know if the badge appears and links to the challenge page?

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