Needlecases and development of a Crazy Quilting Motif

Needlecases and development of a Crazy Quilting Motif

Sewunique has published a detailed step by step illustrated article on the Development of a Crazy Quilting Motif. This motif is a floral spray in the shape of a heart, is ideal for those new to crazy quilting.

There is also a Folding Fan Needlecase which although has yet to have a pattern published, is a structure that has been around for a long time. I have seen versions of it often. It is similar to this Pansy Fan Needlebook . The same applies to the heart needlecase as it works on the same principle. Both are ideal to trial stitches that you are learning.

While on the subject of needlecases, designing your own is quite easy as needlebooks can be made in geometrical shape squares, circles etc or any shape that has a strong silhouette such as fans, hearts, flower baskets, teapots etc. If you are looking for inspiration take a look at Rosie’s Needle Book Exhibit

If you are not confident in the design department instructions for making them are online. Using Cathi McCutcheon’s needlecase pattern Kathy Kirkland and Steph Winn have published instructions for a crazy patchwork needlebook including the piecing. Annie Whitsed of annies crazy world has also published detailed illustrated instructions to make a Needlebook on her site. Rissa also has a 6 pocket needle book on her site.


  1. I just wanted you to know that since I found this site 2 weeks ago it has been an unending inspiration. I really can’t believe what a fantastic resource you are, not to mention your work is beautiful. I wish I had at least 3 hours of uninterupted time just to peruse your archives. I think I have bookmarked EVERYTHING you have posted. I just had to pick a spot to thank you. Lenora

    Lenora Simon Lopez
  2. What a treasure of a post. I love this and have just begun delving into the various resources you give. I have linked to you on my blog. This is invaluable to me as I want to do my first ever crazy patch piece plus having online instruction for the various stitchs and techniques to use on other things. I thought I had seen on your blog, how-to for making a crazy patch but couldn’t find it in the seach button. Anyway…thanks for this wonderful post. I found CQ mag through it and it just brightened my day!

  3. Sharon, the heart motif is the very first thing I put on my very first CQ block!! I just loved it when I saw it.
    I am now up to block number 5, and try and use that layered stitching type motif on all my blocks somewhere.That for your blog and all the handy info.


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