Suzans tip of the week

Suzans tip of the week

There are a number of handy sewing tips in Suzan’s tip of the week . These are more than simple tips. There are some good handy pieces for any sewer or crafter to bookmark. For instance Estimating Bias Yield or if you work in metric Estimating Bias Yield in metric . For people who are new to using dyes How much Rit Dye do I need. There are tips and information on using interfacing including Purse interfacing and I did not realise that there was a rit product that will soften and fade jeans without damaging the denim. Anyone tried this?

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  1. I used this a long time ago (the 70s?) when all jeans were dark blue and the soft, faded ones were becoming popular. I think it worked very well. The product has obviously been around a long time.

    Cindy in Texas


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