The Thread Project: One World, One Cloth

The Thread Project: One World, One Cloth

The Thread Project: One World, One Cloth. looks like a neat online project. Terry Helwig has been asking people to send a piece of ribbon, hemp, string, or other fibre to be joined together and woven into seven cloths which “celebrate the boldness of our cultural diversity and the unity of our human hearts.”

This project has been out there for a while but I have only just discovered it. Terry Helwig writes in her update of January 2005:

“Approximately two years ago, the first threads of The Thread Project were woven into a panel of Hope Materializing. Today, twenty-three panels have been woven in five countries. With twenty-six more panels to weave, the project is at its mid-point. I did not dream, at the beginning of this journey of collecting and weaving threads, that I would be offered a glimpse into the private worlds of so many people. Let me assure you, in these times of unrest and turmoil, there is an abundance of human compassion and caring alive and well in the world.”

The site has information about how people can participate, a journal of the project and a photograph album

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  1. I was lucky to be selected as a weaver for one of these panels – the yellow one called Lienzo Luminoso or Cloth of Light. The cloth is now finished and can be seen on my blog at http://curiousweaver.blogspot.com or details on my site at http://www.curiousweaver.id.au
    It was a joy to weave and many Australians (and others) contributed to my panel. Vera Hazelgrove woven another panel – an orange one and can be see at http://www.arcom.com.au/~vermiro/Threads.html

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