Two sites two approaches

Two sites two approaches

In the last week or so I have finished the last touches of a couple of sites that I have been working on. As I was working on both sites I thought about how different they are. As a web designer I believe in producing a website that expresses the individuality of each artist. I do not work from templates as some designers do as artists are not plug and play people.

The first site is a site I produced a little time ago but it needed some updated material added. It’s the site of textile artist Tilleke Schwarz . As you can see it is quirky and in some small part reflects her work. Take a look in the galleries and you will see what I mean.

The second site is a site produced for a recent exhibition held here in Canberra at the Art School gallery. Designed is a group exhibition and I think people will find it interesting as each artist was asked to speak about the practice of being a designer maker and what the design process involved for them. Alongside the object that was exhibited is an image of their original drawings for the object.

As you can see the two sites are radically different yet both created by me. Two sites two approaches to representing artists online.


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