The mystery of Sollerosom solved

The mystery of Sollerosom solved

Last year I posted a query on this blog about the technique of Sollerosom embroidery which I did not ever get a response to. I was trying to find out more about the technique but had no luck. Thanks to Ethnic Fiber Art the mystery is solved. On the site there are full diagrams and directions on how to do Sollerosom.

Now I am all excited about this as I thought it was possibly type of interwoven pattern darning. I was almost right but not quite. It is a highly developed variety of threaded arrow stitch which I use frequently in my crazy quilting projects and I have experimented with it a lot.

I often treat a foundation row of herringbone in the same manner weaving thread in and out of the V shapes. Here is an instance of two rows of herringbone threaded with finer braid. In this case I have used the technique to couch down some ribbon. Here I have arrow stitches either side of braid and have laced thin ribbon over the top.

Sollerosom as traditional technique is interesting but I am sure everyone can see where this is going as a contemporary interpretation and bit of experimenting offers all sorts of possibilities for creating areas of pattern and texture.


  1. I have been trying to teach myself sollerosom (there aren’t any classes in it offered near me). It’s fun and pretty simple. The only thing that I’m not sure about is what type of thread I’m supposed to use.

  2. Phyllis was teaching at CATS and I took her Kogin pillow class. She is an interesting teacher and seeks out the lesser known embroidery techniques – the “folk” embroidery. She is very approachable and I’m sure would be happy to dialogue with you.

  3. LouAnne I am sure its done on evenweave – or close to it – the style builds up patterns but I am still doing more research on the topic so would love to hear from anyone who has worked this type of embroidery

  4. That Sollerosom is interesting. I’ll have to revisit it because at first glance the diagrams are confusing. I like it a lot though as it resembles the fly stitch lace I do and would perhaps result in something a little neater? Do you think it has to be done on evenweave fabric as it’s shown on that website?

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