On the Hoop

On the Hoop

I had an afternoon of stitching yesterday since we had rain throughout the day. As you can see I have started on my block for the All that Jazz Quilt project.

Settling down with a cup of coffee I started off with designing some key motifs that were suitable for the theme. I drafted them out using Adobe Illustrator then printed them out. These motifs I then attached to the block using double sided fusible interfacing. With the exception of the mask shape at the base of the block, that is still to be done I outlined each piece of fabric by couching a fine flexible braid down. Since the silhouette of the musician was fine this took a little time as it’s quite detailed. With these key areas blocked in I next commenced the foundation row of some of the seam embellishments and started to block in a spray of Magnolias.

I notice that often crazy quilters work a seam or an area at a time. Completing one area of stitching then moving to the next. I do not work this way. I work all areas of a block at once flicking between areas. My first step is to block in the size that each motif is going to take up, then I return to complete and embellish it. By working across the block like this I don’t have as many problems getting the block to balance. So at this stage I am blocking in key areas and then I will return to work it further.

It’s a relief to be stitching a block after working on the denim of the bags of fun bag.

In case people have just stumbled upon this site everyone can join in and make a block for the All that Jazz Katrina fundraiser project as all blocks are being made into quilts to be auctioned off to raise money for the relief and rebuilding efforts. Every block will also be published in the gallery. Blocks are due to me on December 8. Everybody is welcome and the All that Jazz guidelines are here, and there is a dreaded ticker!

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