Allison Aller’s Crazy Quilt

Allison Aller’s Crazy Quilt

For those readers who are into crazy quilting don’t miss Allison Aller’s post on the assembly of her KT’s Crazy quilt. The quilt measures 5′ x 10′. It’s a huge project which she has blogged and Allison has written and illustrated the quilt assembly – something many people new to crazy quilting do not know how to do. I am sure readers will find it informative. Do check it out I love the look of this quilt.

Now I want to do some stitching and include more curved seams in my blocks. I have been hoarding paisleys for years with the thought of a quilt that is made up of, or highlights the many varieties of paisley designs. The use of curves on this block has finally made my mind click into the right direction. Thanks Allison!

Why is it when you see other peoples work it makes you itch to get into your own workroom and play with fabrics? Well, this week end I might have an afternoon free and be able to play. Keep your fingers crossed as this will be a full scale quilt.


  1. Sharon, how kind of you to post about my quilt. Thank you!
    If this project hadn’t been a commission, with the size specified, I know I would never have attempted anything this large. Also, as I was required to finish it in a timely fashion, I had to make those stitches big!
    The point is, the size and time requirements caused me to have to enlarge the whole set of CQ parameters. That made it so much fun, and so interesting, to work on.

    And thank you, Karen, for your lovely comment!


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